Crow Farm, Vineyard & Winery

Crow Farm, Vineyard & Winery
12441 Vansant Corner Road

The Crow Farm, a 3rd generation family farm
Crow Farm owners Judy and Roy Crow both grew up on farms and both have a passion for maintaining the agricultural authenticity of the area and Crow Farm. Their motto: “stay original” drives a growing business of selling their natural grass-fed beef to local citizens and quality restaurants in the area.

Their farmstay B&B provides a unique visitor experience for the area, the ability to immerse in farm life as it used to be…home-cooked meals, purring barn cats, rustic barns, meandering walking trails through the wide open fields and a friendly angus beef herd. The wide open vistas of fields epitomize the lush heartland of historic Kent County, Maryland.

To further sustain the profitability and natural environment of the farm the family’s 3rd generation has established a vineyard business including wine-making and a wine tasting room, Crow Vineyard & Winery LLC.  The tasting room offers a full array of hand crafted Crow Vineyard wines and you can add a pairing tray made from  our local grass fed Angus Beef and other farm grown items.
The Crow Farm Partners
Crow Farm supports regional organizations, farms and artisans, showcasing their work at Crow Farm events and working on providing area restaurants with our quality crafted wines and freshest grass-fed beef; learn more about our initiative to support local partner.

12-5pm Daily
  • Crow Farm, Vineyard & Winery
  • Crow Farm, Vineyard & Winery