Kent Athletic & Wellness Center

Kent Athletic & Wellness Center
800 High Street

advocate for a healthier community…

Kent Athletic & Wellness Center was founded on the basis that fitness should be attainable to all and that a fit community is the key to a healthier community. As such we serve the community and the people who walk through our doors with a wide range of fitness options to pursue, from sports, to exercise classes, to personal training, to sports rec leagues for kids. When you walk through our doors you are not going to a “club”; you are entering a friendly fitness facility!

a long history of supporting a healthier community…

Kent Athletic Club first opened their doors in 1980 for the employees of Dixon Valve, an international company seated in Chestertown, MD. At that time the facility had two racquetball courts with an overlook and two small locker rooms for the males and females. Membership consisted mostly of males at this time…there was not any heat or air in the court area at this time.

In the mid 1980’s a sauna and jacuzzi was added for both males and females. The club was a success and in 1990 opened it’s doors to the community in addition to Dixon Valve employees.

In the fall of 1993 we began renovations on the new facility. As we were renovating we were open for business at the old Geno’s location on Quaker Neck Road. Some of the renovations included taking out the jacuzzis, saunas, and one racquetball court in order to expand and remodel the weight room, aerobic studio, and childcare room. We then added on to the existing building with the front lobby and the gymnasium. In January 1994 we had our grand opening of what now is Kent Athletic and Wellness Center.