Boxer’s Rest

Boxer’s Rest

5901 Church Hill Road

Certified Organic. Less then 100 miles from Washington, DC, Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia. Boxer’s Rest Farm grows fresh nutritious vegetables for food-conscious customers, chefs and natural food stores.

We choose Certified Organic because we believe in the benefits of chemical-free food, benefits realized in our environment and for ourselves. We protect the harmony of nature and reduce the toxic load on our planet.

Freshness is key. The longer a veggie sits around, the fewer vitamins. We harvest within 48 hours of delivery, so our produce is fresh, crunchy, tasty and nutritious. Our storage vegetables are carefully temperature controlled until delivery and thus retain the same freshness.

Our farming practices respect tradition – cultivation, cover crops, crop rotation and compost. Steel — plows, tillers and cultivators — in the field, instead of herbicides. Cover crops for fertility, soil improvement and reduction in pest and weed pressure. Crop rotation to improve crop performance so that diseases don’t build up and pests don’t know where to look. Natural soil building through the addition of organic matter.

We our proud and passionate about what we do. We hope you will be just as pleased.

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