• Date PostedNovember 16, 2016
  • Last PostedDecember 16, 2016
  • CityChestertown, MD
  • Country United States
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The Town of Chestertown will accept sealed bids until 12:00 noon, Friday December 16, 2016 for  work in the basin area of the Chestertown Marina.  The main focus of the initial work will be to replace the bulkhead wall and walkway around the north and part of the western sides of the basin.  It includes (in a best-case scenario time being a factor with the February fisheries deadline), the installation of bulkheads, backfill behind the bulkhead, wooden walkways, finger piers, a new launch ramp and removal of the old ramp, demolition and removal of existing pilings, bulkheads and walkways, and various other  marine activities as specified on plans prepared by McCrone, Inc. for the Chestertown Marina. Unit prices are included in the bid documents so that work can be chosen as the fisheries period and weather dictate.

Specifications and bid forms are available at the Town Hall, 118 N. Cross Street, Chestertown, MD, 21620 or by contacting the Town at  Assuming a mid-December 2016 bid award, the in-the-water work must be completed by February 15, 2017.  The deadline for all other work associated with this contract is April 1, 2017.

Marine bidders must show experience in this type of work and establish that they have the equipment and personnel to perform the work in the time period specified.  They must also produce evidence of $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance and Maryland Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.  The Town is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

By authority of

Chris Cerino, Mayor





GENERAL NOTES: Where these notes vary from the plans and specifications of McCrone, Inc., these notes will prevail.  For example, the Proposed Bulkhead Section (Page 13 of 13) of the drawings is unclear regarding the quality of the pilings (calling out 12″ on the drawing and 10″ in the box–12″ Class B is to be used), the width of the walkways (calling out width varies rather than 10′ on the north side of the basin and 8′ on the east), the precise support for the walkways, or the materials to be bid on (for example the plans call for copper capping of the pilings and the specs call for Gluvit). Class B pilings are to be used, the spacing of the pilings will be 7 feet on center, the support system for the walkways needs to reflect the fact that where the old bulkhead does not exist supports will be needed for either the 8′ or 10′ widths of the walkways (this should be achieved by installing the  6″x6″ supports in the middle and outside of the walks).

The Town is aware that the construction period between bid opening and the fisheries period is short, but is looking for a Contractor who can continue working on land and later back in the water based on unit prices and a good working relationship during 2017. The Town is looking into the possibility that work in the basin only would be allowed during the fisheries period if a turbidity curtain is utilized.

For bidding purposes, the overall contract bid amount will be specifically for the following activities:

1)  the removal of the existing ramp and concrete approach and the installation of the new ramp (the travel lift will remain in place for now but get new bulkhead).

2)  the raising of the existing bulkhead to elevation 3.5′ to the south of the new ramp and replacement of the 8′ wooden walkway to the southernmost pier (169 feet).  Backfill to level with CR-6, tapering to meet the existing grade.

3)  the replacement of the bulkhead from on the entire north side of the basin (231 feet) , along with new 10′ walkway, a short section of piping for the ultimate parking lot storm drain system, backfilling. Wall will be laid out in one straight line. Install six 4′ wide finger piers as per plan.

4) Removing and saving for reuse of 10 new pilings currently serving as slip piles   on the north and west side of the basin

5) Removal of  a 37′  by 6′ dock extension at the eastern end of the northern bulkhead.