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Grow food.

Cultivate an herb or vegetable garden.


Buy local produce.

Shop at the Chestertown Farmers’ Market.


Join a CSA.

Sign up for seasonal produce from Colchester Farm.


Enrich soil.

Recycle yard waste and food scraps to enhance soil fertility.


Create pollinator habitat.

Help insect allies pollinate our local crops.

Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective as the eleventh event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.

Film Takeaways

About the Film
1. Wow—thanks!
2. The concept of regenerativity vs. sustainability was new. A very different way to think about what I grow.
3. Another view of our world—and our place and mandate to integrate our food production more completely and wisely for now and tomorrow!
4. Inhabit—striking. Great diversity of examples in permaculture.
5. Lots of info to learn from about about.
6. Awesome, well done movie.

1. We need to compost waste food and vegetation!

1. Permaculture gardens and training for/in schools.
2. Can we bring permaculture training to our area?

Community Advocacy and Ideas
1. Would love to see some rooftop gardens, or the encouragement of them, in Chestertown!
2. Let’s host permablitz events!
3. Riparian buffers with stacked functions along the Chester?
4. What about vegetable buffers along the rivers?
5. Would it be possible to start small scale permaculture in Wilmer Park or a demonstration step-by-step garden?
6. Can we grow vegetables in the parks?

Olamana Gardens

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Olamana Gardens as the tenth event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.

Film Takeaways

About the Film
1. What a fantastic presentation “love what you do” and that fella sure does. Thanks!
2. Looks like a lot of work, but inventing all that stuff was amazing.
3. Amazing way to keep circulating nutrients and not pollute air or land or water!
4. The plumbing could be a two hour movie of its own 🙂
5. Great project idea for educating young adults in biology, engineering, physics etc.
6. Makes my little fish pond look quite pallid.
7. Very interesting!
8. Very, very nice. Makes me want to start over.
9. Happy worms. Happy chickens. Happy fish. Happy taro. Happy man!!!

Farm Diversification with Niche Crops Talk

The Chestertown Environmental Committee hosted a public talk by Andrew Ristvey on aronia production as the sixth event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.


Attendees sampled aronia jam on crackers as part of the talk.

Seed: The Untold Story

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Seed: The Untold Story as second event in its 2017 First Thursday Environmental Series.

Film Takeaways

About the Film
1. This is one film that should have been screened before it was shown. It is one-sided and an anti-Monsanto, anti-GMO film that makes no mention of the global effort that has been made to save genetic diversity of the major food and tree crops worldwide. Check out the work done by
(Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) and CAMCORE (Central America and Mexico Coniferous Resources Cooperative). — Carl Gallegos
2. At the end they say it is up to us to bring back the seed diversity. Do we think we have what it takes? What will the future hold for seeds?
3. We need to take back control of our survival from the corporations that don’t operate in our best interest.
4. We need to break the links between corporations and our elected officials—demand campaign election reform. Get big corporation/big money out of elections.
5. Get Congress to pass a law that prohibits the patenting of natural seeds. Label GMO products.
6. Fascinating film. Full of informative background behind the headlines we see. Gave me a greater understanding of the history and evolution from where this world once was to where we are now.
7. I can’t wait to plant my seeds I got from Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. Thanks for the inspiration. —Ford
8. Where do we find reliable non-GMO seeds?
9. Impressive. How do we act here in Kent County? We also we need to tell supermarkets “no” to GMO foods. But how???
10. Could we please watch Sharkwater and DamNation?
11. We need to start a seed swap!
12. What chemicals are Monsanto testing in Galena? Kent County? USA? GMO testing in Kent County?
13. What would it take to start a seed bank in Kent County?
14. GMO-causing cancers and other health concerns. Research needed.
15. Beautiful presentation and excellent information on seed saving, the preservation of biodiversity, and the sad loss of our ancestral heritage. We have a right to reclaim our knowledge of what it means to be human participants in a natural world.
16. There is a seed swap at the Chestertown branch of the Kent County Library every spring.