Recreation Commission Minutes – August 16, 2017

Chestertown Recreation Commission

8/16/17 Meeting

Brandt Troup, Nivek Johnson, Carol Mylander, Emily Welsh, Amy Meeks in attendance.

Informal poll from committee members regarding who wants to continue- all members in attendance wished to continue. New member- Harold Somerville. All will forward mailing addresses to town office to complete background checks.

Movies in the Park- two companies available: Swank and Criterion. Unanimous vote to use Swank. Goal to show movies First Fridays in Fountain Park. Aim for October to coincide with Harry Potter weekend. Update: Tess Hogans is in charge of Harry Potter weekend. Amy emailed regarding showing a movie in Fountain Park- would it conflict with the event happening at the Prince Theater? No response. Amy will follow up.

Kay McIntosh wants to know how we can help with Dickens of a Christmas. Show movie? Mickey’s Christmas Carol and hot chocolate? Need a projectionist! Update: Kay thinks showing a movie is a great idea. She doesn’t know a projectionist. Amy has someone that is interested.

Washington Park grant- application due in the fall. Find out who is completing the application. Find out what the commission can do as a good faith effort to help the application. Check with Washington College Greek organizations and Boy Scots regarding service projects. Update: Grant application was completed and submitted. Therefore, Amy did not contact Brambles for quotes regarding a walking path. Washington College Greek organizations and Boy Scouts replied and indicated they would be willing to do a service project.

Kent Massive- CRC sponsored. Happening Labor Day Saturday.

Kickball league- who is going to maintain the baseball field at KCMS? Email Paula at Board of Ed regarding September agenda. Update: the school will maintain the baseball field!

School playground equipment- 2 elementary schools closed. What’s happening with the equipment? Can it be relocated to Bailey Park?

Regular meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the month at 6pm at JR’s.