Kent County Public Schools

The Kent County Board of Education believes in the following Core Values-

  • Students First – Developing positive relationships and providing individual learning experiences within a digital environment will meet the diverse needs of our students.
  • Collaboration –  Our success is dependent upon effective teamwork of students, staff, parents, and community members.
  • Commitment – Promoting a culture of excellence and accountability will demonstrate our commitment to students.
  • Community – Uniting our community requires respectful understanding of our diverse heritage and valuing the natural beauty and resources of our environment.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Through responsible spending of the funds entrusted to us, the needs of all students will be achieved.
  • Trust –  Trust and confidence will be acquired through integrity, competence, and transparency.



Kent County Public Schools

Administrative Office:
5608 Boundary Avenue
Rock Hall, MD 21661

Kent County High
25301 Lambs Meadow Rd
Worton, MD 21678
TEL: 410-778-4540
FAX: 410-778-4266

Kent County Middle
402 E. Campus Ave
Chestertown, MD 21620
TEL: 410-778-1771
FAX: 410-778-6541

Galena Elementary
114 S. Main St
Galena, MD 21635
TEL: 410-810-2510
FAX: 410-648-6881

schoolsout Click here for KCPS school closures and delays.

H.H. Garnett Elementary
320 Calvert St.
Chestertown, MD 21620
TEL: 410-778-6890
FAX: 410-778-5707

Millington Elementary
172 Sassafras St.
Millington, MD 21651
TEL: 410-810-2552
FAX: 410-928-5235

Rock Hall Elementary
21203 Sharp St.
Rock Hall, MD 21661
TEL: 410-810-2622
FAX: 410-639-2998

Worton Elementary
11085 Worton RD.
Worton, MD 21678
TEL: 410-778-2164
FAX: 410-778-3803