Chestertown Dog Park

AbbeyChestertown has a dog park and if you listen to the many visitors both local and from out of the area it is the finest they have ever seen. It is almost three acres of fenced area, divided into a large dog park and a small dog park. Each of the two areas have a water station, waste station, benches and each its own fire plug for those male dogs raised in an urban area. There are trees and a large grass area and a walking path along the inside as well as a play area immediately inside the dog doubled gated entrance area with a surface of degraded granite. The degraded granite eliminates the dreaded mud area which is seen in many of the grass surfaced dog parks. The corners of the fenced area have been rounded to prevent the cornering of a dog by another aggressive dog.

The Chestertown dog park is located at the east side of the town with the main entrance off of Schauber Road. To get to Schauber Road you would go east on State Route #291, Morgnec Rd., approximately one half mile from the intersection of Route #213 and #29l on the north side of town. (Google Maps link) There is a small parking lot located at the second driveway on the right off of Schauber Road and the dog park is less than 50 yards from the parking lot. The dog park is part of The Bailey Park complex which has a paved walking trail around its outer edge.



There has been a non-profit formed so that we can reach out to dog owners and to people who just love dogs. "The Friends of the Chestertown Dog Park, Inc." who's sole purpose is to aid in the effort to make the dog park as good as it can be. Every dollar donated goes directly into the dog park, helping us to maintain it as well as to purchase amenities to enhance the dog park. Those who wish to donate can do so by sending their contribution to: "The Friends of the Chestertown Dog Park, Inc., 208 Glen Street, Chestertown, Md.( Your donation may be used as a tax deduction). Click here to visit the Friends of the Chestertown Dog Park Facebook page.