Marketing Committee, 2016|

Chestertown Marketing Committee

April 26, 2016

Present: Sam Shoge, Barbara Jorgenson, Kay MacIntosh

Kay MacIntosh gave updates on plans for the A&E brand launch event and the submissions for the Chestertown Coloring Book.


  1. We have a logo. Now what?

Discussion of how to proceed to use the new logo in marketing materials, including banners and the A&E Web pages.

Web site: All agreed that the A&E pages needed to look exciting and colorful. Question: a different web site, or pages in Town site?

It was decided to wait until committee members with expertise in Web design were in attendance, we would not make any decisions about the Web site.


  • Banners — considered issues of color, double or single-sided banner brackets, perhaps with floral hanging baskets on street side. Sam Shoge especially liked the idea of floral baskets paired with banners. The baskets would be more work for the Curb Appeal committee. Could be switched out with winter greens or simply removed after flowers have peaked. Kay MacIntosh will research options.


    • Printed materials?
      • Brochure? Discussion revolved around whether and how to list businesses in the district. Just the basics? Include all businesses? Or just Arts? How about different cards for Food, Shopping, Arts & Culture?
    • Tea Party Float?

Kay suggested that the District sponsor a float in the Tea Party parade. Could feature goddess Hebe and two maidens, along with representation of other arts — painting, literature, potters wheel, dance?

Or perhaps include dining and shopping, too?


  1. Photography —- Kay will contact professional photographers to photograph First Fridays and special weekends such as Downrigging, and RiverFest? Group agreed that we need a better inventory of lively photographs of downtown.


  1. Town slogan on Website: Barbara said the words following Historic Chestertown (“Where Arts, Education and the Environment Meet.”) should include History, because our history is so important to our identity and the visitor experience. Shoge and MacIntosh expressed concern that “Historic” and “history” would be redundant. MacIntosh suggested using the word legacy in the tagline. As a start, possible words could be:


“Rich Heritage and Lively Arts on the Chester River.”





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