Permit Form and Guidelines

All applications must be submitted at least 3-5 business days in advance of the start date.



□ Provide a map notating the location the dumpster, heavy equipment or moving van/box will be placed. The Chestertown Police Department CPD) and the Chestertown Street Department (CSD) will provide the street cones and signs to the  location prior to the dumpster, heavy equipment and/or moving van/box being placed at the location you notated on the  map.

□ You must notify all residents of neighboring properties that will be affected by the work or placement of the dumpster, heavy equipment or moving van/box.

□ Approval from the owner of the property must be submitted with application.

Town Events

□ You may be asked to remove the dumpster, heavy equipment or moving van/box if there is a Town event that needs access to the street and/or sidewalk.


A dumpster should only be set out on the street in front of a construction site if there is absolutely no other location that it can be placed.

Dumpsters located on the street are allowed for a maximum of three (3) months. The dumpster will need to be removed for a month before you can renew the permit for an additional one (1) month. No further dumpster permits will be granted. To  appeal, you may contact the Town Manager (410-778-0500) and plead your case.

– Once you have completed and submitted your application, the Town Clerk will process your application by getting approvals from the CSD and the CPD, and other contacts if needed (i.e., Farmer’s Market Manager if it will affect the market  area on Saturday).
– Once the Town Clerk receives approvals from all parties noted above, the permit will go to the Town Manager for final  approval.
– Once the Town Clerk receives all approval, a copy of the approved permit will be emailed to you for your records. CSD and CPD will work together to place cones and no parking signs at the location you noted on your permit. 

Cones and signs are Town property, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to return those items to the Chestertown Police Department or Town Hall if they have not been picked up by Town crew. You will be charged $25 per cone/sign that are not returned.

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