ARPA Task Force, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Meeting called by: Andy Goddard
Type of meeting: 16th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator: Charlie Athey, Bob Altieri
Note taker: Andy Goddard
Attendees: Andy Goddard, Sandra Bjork, Charlie Athey, Taylor Frey, Bob Altieri, Kurt Douglass
Absent: Susie Chase, Ted Gallo, Joyce Moody
Council Members present: Tom Herz
Visitors Present: Nina Fleegle, Carolyne Grotsky, Susan Coomer


Agenda Item:  Call to Order
Presenter: Charles Athey
Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm by Mr. Athey


Agenda Item: Approve January 10 meeting minutes
Presenter: Charles Athey
Discussion: Mr. Frey  moved to approve January 10 minutes.  Mr. Altieri seconded. All approved.

Mr. Herz congratulated the task force on the job thus far. He then confirmed the actual amount allocated to the Task Force recommendations.

Town received $4,412,947

Council reserved 45% for Task Force allocation
Already spent               (448,657) – new fire truck
Reserve for admin         ( 75,000)
Adjusted allocation  $1,461,966


Agenda Item: New Business: Review Schedule
Presenter: Charles Athey
Discussion:  Mr. Athey reviewed the meeting schedule

  • March 7 – Additional application review, if necessary.
    Finalize recommendations to Town Council
  • March –   Date TBD. Town Council reviews ARPA Task Force recommendations.
    Task Force available to answer questions.

NOTE:  Recommended that Town Council makes and communicates final decisions before April for Applicants to apply for matching funds in second quarter.


Agenda Item: New Business: Review of Applications
Presenter: Charles Athey
Discussion:  Mr. Athey asked if any members of the public have any comments. Ms. Grotsky stated that she and Ms. Coomer would wait until the pertinent application was discussed.

Task Force referred to applications by number. All applications were recommended, but not necessarily fully funded.  Grant amounts recommended below, and separate spreadsheet attached.

Number  Amt Allocated   Comments
1 –          $ 40,800              Concerned about grant reporting
2 –           113,400              Great impact

3 –             88,000              Support one of largest events in town/economic driver
                                            Initially tabled quorum

4 –             95,135             Concern about sustainability/admin & staff costs
5 –             30,240             Fund transportation only
6 –           178,750            Great impact to community  Initially tabled.
7 –           145,640            Great economic impact
8 –           150,000            Huge support from community/location up to town council
                                           Initially tabled
9 –           145,000           Great impact to community & other organizations
10 –           75,000           Large Covid impact
11 –           50,000           Great impact to community
12 –           40,000           Great impact to community         Initially tabled
13 –           60,000           Fund 3 projects/Contingent on non-profit status approval.
No track record
14 –         250,000          Project needs to be sent out to bid. Task Force recommends
feasibility study

Comments on #8 Public Facilities – Ms. Grotsky & Ms. Coomer
Garden Cub concerned about proposed location of facility – Nearly New Parking Lot.

Mr. Altieri stated re: potential location of public facility – that the task force’s charge is to determine if applications are valid. Location and ultimate decisions are up to the Town Council.

Red Highlights: Refer to question on whether task force needs to table vote where task force member(s) recuse themselves. Mr. Herz researched in Robert’s Rules of Order and found the following:
Chapter XI, section 40: So long as a quorum is present, business may be conducted.  One could consider a recusal an abstention and the motion can proceed so long as a meeting quorum is maintained throughout.

All in favor of task force allocations – unanimous – one exception, Mr. Frey opposed to #8.


Agenda Item: New Business: Town Council recommendations
Presenter: Bob Altieri

Mr. Altieri asked Mr. Herz what details to provide to Town Council re: application recommendations. Mr. Herz suggested a cover sheet with any reservations or concerns.

Question on whether public be able to comment on applications and when names will be released.


Agenda Item: Requests from public to be recognized
Presenter: Bob Altieri
Discussion: none

Mr. Douglass moved to adjourn. MS Bjork seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:52.

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