ARPA Task Force, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Meeting called by: Andy Goddard
Type of meeting: 15th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator: Andy Goddard, Charlie Athey, Bob Altieri
Note taker: Andy Goddard
Attendees: Andy Goddard, Sandra Bjork, Charlie Athey, Taylor Frey, Bob Altieri, Joyce Moody
Absent: Susie Chase, Ted Gallo, Kurt Douglass
Council Members present: Tom Herz
Visitors Present: Nina Fleegle, Xavier Jones


Agenda Item:  Call to Order
Presenter: Andy Goddard
Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Ms. Goddard

Tom Herz congratulated task force on job thus far.


Agenda Item: Approve 10/25/22 minutes
Presenter: Andy Goddard
Discussion: Mr. Frey  moved to approve minutes.  Mr. Athey seconded. All approved.


Agenda Item: New Business: Nominate New Chair
Presenter: Tom Herz
Discussion: Mr. Frey suggested electing a  co-chair or vice chair, as many on task force have conflict of interest with at least one application. Taylor nominated Mr. Altieri & Mr. Athey as co-chairs.

Ms. Bjork moved that Mr. Altieri and Mr. Athey be co-chairs for remainder of task force meetings.  Mr. Frey  seconded. All Approved.


Agenda Item: New Business: Introductions- potential new task force member
Presenter: Tom Herz
Discussion: Mr. Herz introduced potential new task force member, Xavier Jones. Mr. Herz will ask Mayor and Council to approve Mr. Jones at January 23 council meeting as new ARPA Task Force member.


Agenda Item: New Business: Confirm Milestone dates
Presenter: Bob Altieri
Discussion: Potentially use LOI template to assess applications. Mr. Altieri to revise template.

Mr. Frey suggested grouping applications. Also, discussion on approving a straight percentage of groups for consistency.

Mr. Athey suggested doing a temperature vote as with LOI review

Task Force decided on  following dates to review applications and make recommendations to Mayor & Council.                     

  • January 24 (Review Applications)
  • February 14 (Review Applications)
  • March 7 Task force determine recommendations to Town Council

Town Council to determine date for task force & council to meet for final recommendations.

Mr. Herz asked that Task Force allocate some money for administration of funds, reporting, etc.


Agenda Item: Requests from public to be recognized 
Presenter: Bob Altieri
Discussion: none

Mr. Frey moved to adjourn. MS Bjork seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:05

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