ARPA Task Force, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Meeting called by: Kate Van Name
Type of meeting: 13th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator: Kate Van Name
Note taker: Andy Goddard
Attendees: Kate Van Name, Sandra Bjork, Charles Athey, Andy Goddard, Kurt Douglass, Joyce Moody, Taylor Frey, Bob Altieri
Absent: Susie Chase, Ted Gallo
Council Members present: Tom Herz
Visitors Present: Nina Fleegle



Agenda item: Call to Order
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Ms. Van Name.


Agenda item: Approve 9/27/22 minutes
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Mr. Athey moved to approve minutes. Ms. Bjork 2nded. All approved


Agenda item: Chair’s Report
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: MS Van Name reported the following:
• Completed: LOI recommendation report October 3
• October 6 met with Town Council to review report
• Council recommended 3 additional LOIs
• Proposed communications to LOI applicants after next Task force Meeting Application deadline Jan 31, 2023
• Still looking at 1st quarter to review applications

Town council may not be able to review and make decisions before end of 2nd quarter,

Ms. Van Name met with Ms. Efland prior to task force/town council meeting. Ms. Efland was in agreement with Task force recommendations

• Three LOIs moved to “yes” at Town Council meeting
#18- focus on communal space
#25 Is a priority, and a public health issue, Town wants as much info as possible to make informed decision after receiving application
#29 Focus attention on larger impact

Mr. Altieri asked how much ARPA funds remaining (aside from Task Force allocation)
Mr. Herz said approx. $250,000 remaining. Major expenditures included:
• 3 police cars
• 2 dump trucks/snowplows
• street paving $1.2 mill


Agenda item: Old Business: Review DRAFT Application
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Ms. Van Name asked task Force to review and comment current application draft and send comments/edits by end of week.


Agenda Item: New Business: Review Guidance to Applicants
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Task Force discussed whether should conduct personal interviews with applicants. Task Force consensus was no personal interviews.

Large discussion on arbitrary 25% of LOI requests.

Task force suggested instead of arbitrary 25%, to highlight question on application- “if not fully funded. Can you scale down to 50%/25%/10%- pls show budget”

Emphasize ARPA guidelines on salary and administration percentages

Ms. Moody suggested adding question on application- how would you raise additional
funds if you are not fully funded.


Agenda item: New Business: Review Draft Rejection Letter LOI Applicants
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Task force suggested edits to rejection letter- delete
“The intending applicant pool was large and, move “Unfortunately, we were not able to fund all the requests”. to end of paragraph


Agenda Item: New Business: Draft Acceptance Letter to LOI Applicants
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Task Force agreed to not conduct personal interviews. Remove from
acceptance letter.

Discussion on whether Task Force should meet in Nov/Dec/Jan if no business to


Agenda item: Requests from public to be recognized
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Ms. Fleegle expressed concern about grant funding and timelines. For
instance, State of Md grants are primarily May and June.

Ms. Fleegle also asked how applicants should treat re-occurring projects. Is it by year
or by whole project

Change dates to:
– Application Due Date January 8
– Task Force recommendations to Town Council by March 1
– Town Council decides by April 1

Ms. Bjorke moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned 8:52.

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