ARPA Task Force, 2022|


Meeting called by:

Andy Goddard

Type of meeting:

10h Task Force Meeting


Ted Gallo

Note taker:

Secretary Andy Goddard



Andy Goddard, Ted Gallo, Sandra Bjork, Kate Van Name,  Charles Athey, Bob Altieri,  Joyce Moody, Taylor Frey, Susie Chase, Jamie Williams


Kate Van Name

Council Members present

Tom Herz

Visitors Present

Nina Fleegle, Carole Nieman, Kurt Douglass, Matthew Tobriner


Agenda item:

Call to Order


Andy Goddard

Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by Ms. Goddard.  Attendees noted above.

Ms. Goddard stated that Ms. Van Name was not well, and unable to attend the meeting. Ms. Van Name  had asked that Mr. Gallo be appointed interim chair for the current meeting. Mr. Gallo accepted the position. There were no objections.

Agenda item:

Approve 7/26/22 minutes


Ted Gallo

Discussion: Mr. Altieri moved to approve minutes. Ms. Chase 2nded. All approved

Agenda item:

Chair’s Report



Ted Gallo


Discussion:   Mr. Gallo said that as interim chair, he had no chair’s report. Ms. Van Name was absent.


Agenda Item


 Old Business
Status  on nomination of one task force member
PresenterKate Van Name

Discussion:  Mr. Herz introduced Kurt Douglass as potential task force member. He has been nominated. Town Council will vote to approve at their next meeting.


Agenda ItemNew  Business
Schedule of LOI discussions

July 26 – review and vote on LOIs 1  -12

August 23 –review/vote

LOI 13 – 23

September 9- review/vote LOI 24 – 34


PresenterTed Gallo

Discussion:  Mr. Gallo asked if task force was agreeable to LOI reviewing/voting schedule. Unanimous approval.


Agenda ItemNew Business:

Review Draft of Council Recommendation Report Format

PresenterTed Gallo

Discussion: Mr. Gallo asked if anyone had any comments on the draft of the council recommendation report.

Mr. Athey stated that he was comfortable with the format but questioned whether it was in the purview of the task force to reference other organizations/committees in recommendations.

Ms. Goddard said that the task force would be able to review all the recommendations prior to sending to town council.

Mr. Athey moved to table the recommendation report discussion until the next meeting. Mr. Altieri seconded. Unanimous approval.

Agenda ItemNew Business
Review of Conflict of Interest Matrix
PresenterTed Gallo

Discussion:  Mr. Altieri and Mr. Frey recused themselves from review of #15 LOI
Mr. Athey recused himself from review of #22 LOI.

Agenda ItemNew Business
Review and vote on LOIs 13 -23
PresenterTed Gallo

Discussion: Each LOI is assigned a number. Task force discussed and votes referring to LOI by number, not name of organization.

#15. Task force unanimously approved to send application

#23  Task force unanimously opposed to send application. Small impact to ask. Focus not centered on Chestertown

# 13  Task force agreed was a definite COVID connection. Discussion on impact to ask. Need a detailed budget.
Task force voted to approve sending an application.

#14  Task force agreed no COVID connection. Applicant should address. Potential sustainability issues. Need budget clarification on human capital – retaining vs attracting.
Task force voted to approve sending an application

#16. Task force agreed that there is some execution risk. Would like to see a sustainability plan as well as detailed budget.
Task force voted to approve sending an application.  One abstention

#17.  Amount requested was below minimum.
Task force opposed to sending application

#18. Task force agreed that other organizations already focusing on food insecurity. Impact to ask not great on rest of project.
Task force opposed to sending application

#19.  Task force agreed small impact to ask. No COVID connection
Task force opposed to sending application

#20.  Task force agreed no COVID connection. Large amount of money to ask for project.
Task force opposed to sending application

#21.  Task force agreed infrastructure important, but no COVID connection. Not a significant impact to ask.
Task force opposed to sending application

#22.  Organization has no certificate of good standing. Discussion on importance of project.  Ms. Williams suggested that there are potential alternative sources of funding.
Task force opposed to sending application

Agenda ItemRequests from public to be recognizedPresenterTed Gallo


Discussion: No requests

Meeting adjourned 8:09


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