2021, ARPA Task Force|


Meeting called by:Kate Van NameType of meeting:6th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator:Kate Van NameNote taker:Secretary Andy Goddard


Attendees:Jamie Williams, Andy Goddard, Ted Gallo, Sandra Bjork, Kate Van Name, Charles Athey, Susan Chase
Absent:Bob Altieri Scott Boone
Council Members present
Visitors PresentNina Fleegle, Carolyn Simone Collins, Carol Neiman, Dave Murphy, Elizabeth Watson


Agenda item:Call to OrderPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Kate Van Name. Attendees noted above.

Agenda item:Approve 5/24/22 minutesPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Sandra moved to approve minutes. Charles 2nded. All approved.

Agenda item:Chair’s Report
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: All applications must have a connection COVID. Otherwise LOIs and Applications will not be in compliance to guidelines.

Bill Webb, Kent County Health Dept will be on agenda June 28. Community is not prepared  for ongoing pandemic.

Agenda item:Chair’s Report
Community Impact and ARPA
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Ms. Van Name stated that application contractors and sub recipients/service provider must be doing one of the four items for which ARPA funds are available.

Project also must provide community impact, not an individual impact, but a certain percentage of the community.

Action Item: Website update: Task force needs to update the FAQ to include definition of  sub recipient, beneficiary & contractor

Agenda item:Chairs Report
Compliance & Reporting
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Accurate reporting. Organizations receiving funding must keep good records, be in compliance with reporting. Organizations should have an established record of writing grants, accepting grants, reporting on grants.

Consequences of not complying is that money needs to be returned.

Task force needs to query town council on applications involving contractor(s)- is there a procurement process.

Agenda item:Old Business:
Status on appointing
new Task Force members
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Council members actively working on appointing 3 new members. New members will need to be onboarded. Question on what video recordings of meetings are available.

Agenda item:Old Business:
Discussion on publicizing application
organization names
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Ms. Van Name did research, best practice not to publicize names until grants are awarded.

Ms. Bjork moved that task force add bubble chart to website indicating areas of LOI funds requested.

MS Chase seconded. Discussion on impact: Would have a reporting impact, but not necessarily a community impact.

Ms. Bjork commented that the idea was that the things that we list might and put up on the website might spur somebody, say, oh, well, but it looks like nobody is interested in X and maybe I should maybe I should just put forth an LOI.

Ms. Chase suggested that if there had been assessment of the reaction to pandemic and a gap analysis would allow task force to do more accurate allocation of funding. Ms. Van Name commented that perhaps task force should be advising the town that part of their strategy or strategic plan funding should go to Community Impact economic impact. Studies,

Ms. Bjork suggested sending out an interim report updating process and documenting areas of LOI funds requested.

Ms. Bjork asked what would happen if all LOIS rejected. Ms. Van Name suggested task force refer to mayor and council.

Motion to add bubble chart indicating area of LOI fund requested approved.

ACTION ITEM: Ms. Chase to draft update for publicization re: current areas of LOI received for Ms. Van Name to send to press for publication.

Agenda item:Old Business:
Hybrid meetings at Town Hall
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Equipment still not working properly.
Ms. Van Name stated that at some point task force may need to meet virtually if current COVID status worsens.

Agenda item:New Business:
LOI Application themes
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Ms. Van Name said that task force has received more than one application for events. Per ARPA rules, event must be tied to COVID. For example, funds may be used to promote the event, encourage people to come out after COVID- as none held for 2 years.

Ms. Van Name suggested bringing in all events organizers and discuss how to impact all  events – regardless of whether they applied. Pool funds and distribute to all events to benefit all of community.

Question of who would distribute funds if not the government.

Ms. Chase moved to review all LOIs after deadline of June 30, 2022, and review comprehensively. Mr. Gallo seconded. All approved.

Agenda item:Requests from public to
be recognized
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Carol Neiman and Dave Murphy from Coalition for the Homeless confirmed date of LOI and that they must apply with LOI for all ARPA funds.

Elizabeth Watson introduced herself- Consulting Community Planner for Town of Chestertown

Mr. Athey moved to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Bjorke seconded, All Approved.

Meeting adjourned 8:01.

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