2021, ARPA Task Force|


Meeting called by:Kate Van NameType of meeting:7th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator:Kate Van NameNote taker:Secretary Andy Goddard

Attendees: Andy Goddard, Ted Gallo, Sandra Bjork, Kate Van Name, Charles Athey, Bob
Absent: Susie Chase, Jamie Williams, Scott Boone
Council Members Present: Jose Medrano
Visitors Present: Nina Fleegle, Bill Webb, Johnnie Jones


Agenda Item: Call to Order
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm by Kate Van Name. Attendees noted above.

Agenda Item: Approve 6/14/22 minutes
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Mr. Gallo moved to approve minutes. Ms. Bjork 2nded. All approved

Agenda Item: Chair’s Report Guest Speaker
Presenter: Bill Webb, Kent County Health Dept. Health Officer
Discussion: Mr. Webb reported on Kent County COVID current status and history. He said was stressful for the health department and the community. There were two deaths in the beginning of June – COVID is still with us. Hospitalization drives the stats. Case rates are under reported, as many people use personal testing. Two thirds of the county is vaccinated – Kent County falls in the middle of the state for vaccination percentages.

Mr. Webb recommended the following to enhance the health of the community:
▪ Access to care: Recruiting additional primary care providers
▪ Access to care: Transportation assistance
▪ Pandemic preparedness: Maintain an inventory of PPE
▪ Pandemic preparedness: Initiate a Respiratory Protection Program
▪ Pandemic preparedness: Review and remediate ventilation equipment
▪ General Public Health: Access to public restrooms
▪ General Wellness: Extend outside exercise facilities


Agenda item:  Chair’s Report Guest Speaker
Presenter: Johnnie Jones – Chestertown’s Ethics attorney
Discussion: Mr. Jones reviewed conflict of interest and duty to leave a meeting laws. He stated that as a public service, conflict of interest has been disclosed, public service serves and abstain from voting. And it also goes on to state that the exception would be if you are required to act and by not participating in order to have a quorum in order to act as long as it’s fully disclosed. Then you can participate.

Ms. Van Name asked if he could clarify that for the task force.

Mr. Gallo moved that in the case of a conflict of interest disclosure that would prevent a quorum, the task force would postpone the decision until there is a quorum without including the person who disclosed the conflict of interest. Mr. Altieri seconded. Motion approved.


Agenda Item: Old Business Status: on nomination of new task force members
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Ms. Van Name stated that the Town Council will nominate new members at the July 5 meeting and vote on members at the following Town Council meeting.

Ms. Van Name will advise the Mayor and Council that the task force wishes to keep meetings scheduled for 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.


Agenda Item: Old Business Current Letters of Intent Status
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Ms. Van Name said that the Task Force has received Letters of Intent in the following categories:
▪ Broadband
▪ Youth Literacy Program
▪ Food Insecurities Services
▪ Family and Youth Services
▪ Daycare Services
▪ Affordable Housing Services
▪ Historic Signage
▪ Youth Swim Program
▪ Town Festivals and equipment

Ms. Van Name commented that the community still is confused on use and restriction of funds.
Projects should be something that the town would consider under a strategic plan.


Agenda Item: New Business: LOI Reviews
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: Ms. Van Name asked if LOI application not quite in compliance, should task force recommend changes.
Mr. Athey suggested that recommendations be tied to guidelines.
LOIs will each be assigned a number for reference during discussions. Task Force will not disclose organization names.
Mr. Athey suggested using a calendar invite to ensure that task force has quorum when reviewing LOIs.

ACTION ITEM: Ms. Van Name to send out invitation to task force members for next four meetings. Members should respond to each email.

ACTION ITEM: MS Van Name to create LOI spreadsheet for Task Force members to document conflicts of interest.

Agenda Item: Requests from public to be recognized
Presenter: Kate Van Name
Discussion: No requests

Mr. Altieri moved to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned 8:28.

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