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Kate Van Name


Type of meeting:


11th Task Force Meeting

Facilitator:Kate Van NameNote taker:Kate Van Name


Attendees:Kate Van Name, Ted Gallo, Sandra Bjork, Charles Athey, Bob Altieri, Joyce Moody, Taylor Frey, Susie Chase, Kurt Douglass
Absent:Andy Goddard
Council Members presentTom Herz
Visitors PresentNina Fleegle


Agenda item:Call to OrderPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by Ms. Van Name.


Agenda item:Approve 8/23/22 minutesPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Mr. Altieri moved to approve minutes. Ms. Chase 2nded. All approved


Agenda item:Chair’s ReportPresenter:Kate Van Name


  • Welcome to our new APRA Task Force Member
    • Kurt Douglass
  • What we have accomplished since Tuesday, March 15, 2022 (6 Months)
    • Establishment of:
      • ARPA LOI and Application Criteria that adhere to the ARPA Guidelines
      • ARPA LOI and Application Process
      • ARPA LOI and Application Guidelines
      • ARPA LOI and Application Documents
    • Approved Town Council suballocation of ARPA funds ($4.4M) to APRA Task Force – $1.8M
    • Website on Townhall domain
      • Agendas and Minutes, Process, and Expectations
    • Community Communications
      • Letters to Town and County papers; Social Media Posts
    • Training on Open Meetings
    • Training on Conflict of Interest
    • Meeting with Public Health Department on the State of COVID
    • Receipt of 34 LOIs by 25 individual Chestertown Organizations in APRA approved categories
    • Review of 34 LOIs (which will be completed tonight)
  • If there are any questions to the ARPA Advisory Task Force, please go to https://townofchestertown.com/arpa/ or email arpa@chestertown.com.


Agenda item:Old BusinessPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Review DRAFT Council Recommendation Report format

Mr. Athey asked what the LOI recommendation was for: was it to approve our application list? Ms. Van Name answered, yes. The Task Force is giving the council the opportunity to look at the LOIs we passed on and override our recommendation and provide applications to additional submitters.  The Task Force must submit $1.8M in application requests.  With additional modification in line with ARPA grant guidelines, such as ARPA is 25% of the project, we are close to our goal with the LOIs we have approved thus far. Ms. Van Name also indicated that the Task Force can further recommend how unapproved LOIs can get attention via the current Strategic Planning Process and as priorities in Town Appointed commissions and committees.

The Task Force plans on giving options – Commission/Committee managed projects, group requests for consolidated management under one organization, and give limited funding to the submitters with detailed criteria. One of the criteria is ARPA is 25% of the overall project budget and the 75% balance must be obtained before December 2024 and before they receive the ARPA funds.

Motion to approve the council recommendation report format by Ted Gallo. Second by Sandra Bjork.  All Approved.

Discussion: Review ARPA Process Due Dates, suggest changes, and vote for approval

  • Final Review of ARPA 1st Review LOIs by ARPA Task Force to complete Town Council Recommendation Report – September 27
  • LOI Recommendation Report with LOIs to Town Council for approval to move onto the Application Phase – October 3rd
  • Meeting with Town Council to review Recommendations Report and receive approval to move forward to Application Phase – No later than October 25th
  • Communications to LOI Submitters with Applications to those selected to go forward – No later than October 25th
  • Extend Application Timeline after Council Meeting
  • Still working toward end of 1st quarter decisions

Motion to approve changing the ARPA Process Due Dates by Taylor Frey. Second by Charles Athey. All Approved.

Discussion: Discuss Communications of Changes

Removed from agenda.


Agenda item:New BusinessPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Review ARPA’s Response to Chestertown’s Strategic Planning Process

The Chestertown Mayor and Town Council are conducting brief strategic planning process this fall. To prepare, the strategic planning advisor sent an email to many groups, organizations, and constituents asking for support by participating in a questionnaire. The ARPA Task Force was one of the groups selected to participate.

They are seeking brief answers about the most important activities, needs, and goals the town ought to be considering during this planning process – in several specific categories.

As the ARPA Task Force, we are not undertaking any specific activities thus we took the position of using the submitted LOIs, our conversations about the LOIs and community needs, and additional community feedback gathered during the ARPA process to respond to the questionnaire.

Motion to approve ARPA Task Force’s response to the questionnaire for Chestertown’s strategic planning process by Kurt Douglass. Second by Sandra Bjork.  All Approved.

Discussion: Review Conflict of Interest Matrix for the LOIs being reviewed.

Bob Altieri has conflict with #30 and #31. Order was changed so #30 and #31 were last discussed.

Discussion: Review and vote on LOIs 24-34


24YesAPRA ought to be 25% or less of project total.  Need detailed budget.
25NoRequires on-going maintenance and expenses thus requires Town Budget and Decisions
26YesNeed to present three plans to Town Council – Mainstreet ownership, Town ownership, or individual LOI organization ownership
27YesUnanimous Yes
28NoImpact to Ask is too great; Other organizations with Food Insecurities focus with greater impact.
29NoSmall impact to ask.
30NoFinding funding through other means
31NoSmall impact to ask. Focus not centered on Chestertown. Not COVID related.
32YesRequires RFP
33NoSmall impact to ask. Not COVID related.
34YesAPRA ought to be 25% or less of project total – not personnel resource heavy.  Need detailed budget.


Agenda item:Requests from public to be recognizedPresenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: No requests

Meeting adjourned 8:44.

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