ARPA Task Force, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

ARPA Advisory Task Force

May 24, 2022

7 pm

Town Hall, Chestertown


Meeting called by:Kate Van NameType of meeting:5th Task Force Meeting
Facilitator:Kate Van NameNote taker:Secretary Andy Goddard


Jamie Williams, Andy Goddard, Ted Gallo, Sandra Bjork, Kate Van Name, Ted Gallo, Charles Athey, Bob Altieri


Susie Chase, Owen Bailey, Myra Butler, Scott Boone

Council Members present

Tom Herz

Visitors Present

Nina Fleegle, Carolyn Simone Collins


Agenda item:Call to OrderPresenter:Kate Van Name


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Kate Van Name.  Attendees noted above.

Agenda item:Approve 5/10/22 minutesPresenter:Kate Van Name.

Discussion: Ted moved to approve minutes. Charles 2nded. All approved

Agenda item:Chair’s Report
ARPA Funds
Presenter:Kate Van Name

Discussion: Mayor & Town Council voted and Allocated 1.8 million out of 4.4 mill- = 40 % for Task Force
Total Allocation to Chestertown               $4.4M

Allocated to ARPA Task Force                 $1.8M
Total currently recommended/approved     0
Total currently recommended/approved     0
Total balance                                            $1.8M
No Change

Agenda item:Chair’s Report

Treasury Update:  May 16 2022

Presenter:Kate Van Name
  • Discussion: Treasury urges state and local governments to continue to use SLFRF funds to confront the most pressing challenges that our economy and communities face:
    • expanding the workforce and providing competitive wages,
    • expanding access to affordable housing, and
      Keeping our families and communities safe

Agenda Item


 Call from local constituentPresenterKate Van Name

Discussion:  Mr. Herz received call from constituent. very complimentary of ARPA website. Was initially unsure that Task Force would be effective


Agenda ItemOld Business
Status on appointing new Task Force members
PresenterKate Van Name

Discussion: Council members acknowledged that 2 members of task force not able to attend meetings regularly.  Mayor and council to  nominate 2 new members


Agenda ItemOld Business
Community Communications
PresenterKate Van Name

Discussion:    ARPA page now live on town website. Will be a work in progress, especially with FAQ. We may be asked questions that we will not have answers.

Process for new questions- Bring to and discuss at next task force meeting & put answer on website

Website still needs some tweaking.

Ms. Van Name formally acknowledged Francoise Sullivan on speed and professionalism on ARPA site.


Agenda ItemOld  Business
Community CommunicationsPress ReleasePrint/social media/Email Blasts
PresenterKate Van Name

Discussion: Draft of press release- will be sent out once approved.

Mr. Altieri asked about large gap between recommendations to council- Feb 1, 2023 & funds allocated Dec 31, 2024. Mr.  Herz said would be ongoing process.

Action Items: Additions/edits to  press release- bullet point that will be periodic review by Mayor & Council

Explain Final Rule- add date of last Treasury rule
Add bullet point Enhanced Public Safety
Add** dates are subject to modification- except all funds allocated Dec 31, 2024, and expended by Dec 31, 2026


Agenda Item  Old Business: Status on Adding  sample of applicationPresenterPresenter


Ms. Van Name to  to ask web master to add application sample with watermarks to ARPA website page

Equipment  still not working properly


Agenda ItemNew Business:

Publication of organizations applying

PresenterKate Van Name

Should organization and project application be public on website- for transparency. Public could view and see if something important is missing.

When do you put it on website? What if deadline is passed. Will there be another opportunity to apply for funds?

Ms. Bjork moved that we make public after LOI approvals. Organization & purpose should be made public
Mr. Athey seconded.
Discussion:  Mr. Gallo would like to include amount.
Original motion approved.

Mr. Athey moved to reconsider Ms., Bjork’s  motion. MS. Bjork seconded. Motion approved.

Mr. Athey moved to amend motion with bubble chart with industry standards, Mr. Altieri seconded. All approved.

Mr. Gallo moved to table discussion until next meeting.


Agenda ItemRequests from public to be recognizedPresenterKate Van Name

Discussion: No requests

Mr. Gallo moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Altieri seconded, All Approved.  Meeting adjourned 8:14


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