Bailey Park

Parks & Playgrounds|

Open Til Dusk The 18-acre park, located between Rolling Road and Schauber Road, is also home to the... Read More → Bailey Park

Marty Stetson


Council Member, Ward 4 Ward 4 (term ends 2020) Read More → Marty Stetson

David Foster


Council Member, Ward 1 Ward 1 (term ends 2022) Read More → David Foster

Linda C. Kuiper


Council Member, Ward 2 Ward 2 ( term ends 2020) Read More → Linda C. Kuiper

Rev. Ellsworth Tolliver


Ward 3 (term ends 2022)... Read More → Rev. Ellsworth Tolliver

Chris Cerino, Mayor


Mayor (term ends 2022) Read More → Chris Cerino, Mayor

Wilmer Park

Parks & Playgrounds|

Open Til Dusk A waterfront park on Cross Street featuring the Broadreach Artscape at the entrance. Home to... Read More → Wilmer Park

Chestertown Farmers Market

For Visitors|

... Read More → Chestertown Farmers Market

Downtown Visitors Map

For Visitors|

... Read More → Downtown Visitors Map

Chestertown Marina

For Visitors|

... Read More → Chestertown Marina

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