Environmental Committee, 2020|

Chestertown Environmental Committee Meeting

January 9, 2020

In Attendance:Tim Trumbauer, Greg Farley, Krista Lamoreaux, David Foster, David Sobers, Ford Schumann, Jon Hanley, Andy Goddard

Dec 2019 Minutes approved. Andy to send to Jen at town office to post on website. In future committee will approve minutes at meetings prior to posting on website. Tim will set up dropbox and share. Will be used in future for CEC Docs.

Greg Farley resigning. Took job at George Mason U., beginning Feb.1 actIon Item- will need new lead for energy

New communications committee. Darius, Krysta, Tim

  • New email ctownenviro@gmail.com Will set up Mailchimp account for email blasts Quarterly update
  • Need to update CEC page on town website. Krysta to check with francoise.



Focus on electric vehicle infrastructure: charging stations in town. Jon working with Kees. Proposed locations: K&L, Bennet`s, parking lot next to Casa Carmen,town dock, marina?

RIver & Habitat:

Pursue clean marina designation – town pursuing. should be done this year.

Install Kayak.launch Wilmer Park – there is one in place

Install Fishing pier

  • Stormwater. Shore RIvers Received stormwater grant
  • Ford:potential stormwater project Greenwood and School, runs into park.
  • David Sobers: suggested separate meeting re stormwater grant proposal. Tim will facilitate
  • **Under grant can’t guidelines, set policy but can make recommendations.

Pursue GIS analysis with WAC, GIS will determine worst water pollution.. Carl suggests ITREE PROGRAM.


D Sobers. We should be proactive re. Town budget and recycling. Important for committee members to attend town council meetings and potentially county commiss. Meetings.

Waste Management.

Ford and David Sobers filed grant application with Keep America Beautiful for paired waste and recycle containers for use downtown.

Potential composting facility at SEEC. Wayne Gilchrest exploring composting all Kent County Public School food waste. Equipment has potential to also handle compostable food and beverage containers. Jeff Warden donated compost system

Brief discussion on encouraging all town event food & beverage vendors to use compostable containers, using SULTANA Downrigging as example. eg: ChesterGras, Earth Day Fest, Tea Party, Harry Potter, Dickens. Andy working on suppliers and costs.


Earth Day Festival

Sat. April 18

Jon & Andy heading up sub-committee. Sending out sponsor & vendor letters in Feb. Have 2 recruits

$500 budget Coordinating with Kay MacIntosh & Main Street committee members re: Bluegrass & Beer Festival APril 18 in pm

Discussion on all vendors for both events using compostable Food & Bev containers

Shredder Discussion: previous shredder v expense- $300/hour. Exploring other options- sponsorship potential

CES scheduled separate festival. April 25. Andy checking with CES

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