Environmental Committee, 2018|

Attendees: Margo, Ford, David S, Carl, Grant, Shane, Jon


  1. funding; $2500 -> $500 for fiscal year 2018-2019
    1. end Town Office lobby recycling effective immediately
    2. F&SS ends in December
    3. Tidewater Trading advertising ends in December
    4. Earth Day must be self funding
      1. eliminate free shredding and port potties
  2. post list of places and stuff on where to recycle in lobby
  3. new funding
    1. not bake sales
    2. % of cost saving ideas
    3. grant money for green teams
      1. Jon to ask Mike H of SusMD
  4. meeting hiatus for July and August
    1. September meeting to re-group
    2. October meeting professionally facilitated to determine scope and charter
    3. new meeting start time is 7:30PM
  5. propose plastic straw ban
    1. only upon request at restaurants
    2. then offer only paper
    3. Margo to present concept at M&TC meeting in August
    4. produce a 90 second video with early adopters
  6. membership drive
    1. Wash Coll sustainability director
    2. Charette on environment
    3. July F&SS circulate a membership sign-up sheet
    4. all members bring a new member to the September meeting
    5. advertise membership drie in localpublications

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.



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