2020, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Present (online Zoom) : Tim Trumbauer, Jon Hanley, Andy Goddard,

David Sobers, Darran Tilghman, David Foster, Seyed Marjalel, Jenny Lee


July Minutes: not available


River Reading Discussion: Tim, Chester River afterTropical Storm Isaias. Not a regular testing week but interested in checking water quality. Clear visual line in river & tributaries of storm runoff vs regular water. Brown water with high levels of bacteria


Sub Committee Updates:



Meetings Committee agreed to continue to zoom meetings vs in person for foreseeable future. Discussion on public access to meetings and ensuring that all members are able to participate electronically.

Action Items: Darran to have website updated to inform public of zoom meetings. Those interested in participating to email Darran for link information.

Andy to check with Ford on ability to access Zoom.


Adding Diversity to Committee: David Sobers met with Rev. Tolliver, who suggested 4 individuals: Geraldine Munson, Rebecca Murphy, Wanda Boyer plus one other. Rev. will reach out to them.


Energy & Transport: Jon

Electric Vehicle Charging – not good news


  • Plug-In EV sales YTD down 30%
  • local public access charging station availability down 60% with WAC campus closed
  • K&L Services “charging station” off the table due to potential sale of property
  • EV Institute charging station support on “COVID Pause”
  • no action from Delmarva charging station support
  • no EV charging station interest at Movie theater location
  • EV charging stations are “in the design” for new YMCA and Dixon HQ
  • Electrify America proceeding during the pandemic, live stations total 453 with 103 under construction with over 2000 charge points


Darran and other Queen St. residents interested in installing EV charging station. Jon to consult.


Waste Management: Seyed

Composting. Meeting with Ford, David Sobers, WAC (Shane Brill) and Wayne Gilchrest on composting WAC dining hall foods. Generate 52 tons of waste – (Annually??)


Shane Brill now Interim Director of Sustainability





Water & Habitat:

Hospital Oil Spill. David Foster. Occurred in mid 1980’s. 160,000 gallons, largest in Maryland history, located between Chester River and main drinking well. Currently removed approx.

83,000 gallons. Hospital not been transparent during process. Project under Md. Dept of Environment, (MDE) guidance. Town has limited control. Town recently sent letter to Chris Ralston, MDE liaison. Discussion re: CEC adding support by writing letter to MDE in couple of weeks. David Foster to advise. . Tim suggested David discuss issue with Chesapeake Legal Alliance.


Wilmer Park Playground. Darran. Some towns people have asked CEC position on playground. Chestertown Recreation Commission applied for $200,000 grant using design that has met with much opposition. Too much plastic, artificial turf.

Potential to be more of a destination, and environmentally sensitive.

Action Item: Darran to send images of alternatives and draft letter stating CEC stance.


Food Security

Chestertown Farmers Market – Jon. good news / not so good news / bad news


  • SNAP application in process
    • put on “COVID Pause”
    • CFM Manager has re-applied
    • new processing equipment required with grant money from MarketLink
    • new SNAP tokens to be ordered
  • WIC program
    • handled by local state office
    • coupons being distributed
  • MMM program
    • abandoned by original support organization MDFMA in April 2020
    • 23 markets in 10 counties participating
    • coin acquisition in process
  • all three programs should be live by the end of August!
    • administered by the CFM Manager (Julie King)


Meals in Public Schools Darran

KC Public schools not able to feed children (breakfast & lunch) at “Learning Hubs” being set up around county for special needs and those unable to access electronically. Approximately 100 children. What group(s) can assist/coordinate meals? Restaurants?


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