2020, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Present (online Zoom) : Darran Tilghman, Jon Hanley, Tim Trumbauer, Seyed Marjael, David Sobers, Geraldine Munson, Krista Lamoreaux, Zack Kelleher, Jenny Lee, Andy Goddard


Brief discussion on passing of Margo Bailey, founder of Green Team, precursor of Environmental Committee.


New Business- Seyed

UCapture – browser extension that can be installed onto chrome and Firefox (safari coming soon) that collects a commission from its network of +25,000 supported online stores and uses that commission to offset carbon at no cost to the consumers. Now in use at WAC. Expand to Chestertown shops, i.e..:QR codes at coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc. around town with the idea that of “offsetting your coffee”, for example. Committee tabled discussion until have a chance to research company.



Sub Committee Updates:


Administration: Welcome, Potential new members! Geraldine Munson hispromises37@yahoo.com, and Harold Sommerville, eldersomerville@gmail.com.



Energy & Transport: Jon

EV Charging;


  • no more activity on public charging stations at foot of High Street, movie theatre, or local gas station
  • charging station still in the plan at Dixon headquarters and new YMCA
  • some thought about placing chargers at a local electricians parking lot
  • informal discussions with Town Manager about on street parking EV charging protocol
  • Electrify America
    • subsidiary of VW America offshoot of “dieselgate”
    • headquartered in Reston VA
    • will install 3500 chargers at 800 charging locations nationwide by 2021
    • local progress in Philly/Baltimore/DC corridor
    • DC fast charge @ $1/minute
    • designed and built for the average EV owner (i.e. not exclusive to Tesla)
  • WAC chargers have re-opened!



Waste Management:                                                                                                    Page 2

WAC and SEEC compost program on hold for time being, not enough waste currently generated by dining hall. Committee suggested good time to have a trial run.


Water & Habitat:


Tim and David Foster met with Chesapeake Legal Alliance to review consent decree.

Potential local pro bono legal advice


Shore Rivers working with Town and University of Md on Wilmer Park shoreline, tidal flood and access issues


Tim & Darran, & Carl Gallegos to meet with Chestertown Tree Committee to determine charge and duties and how CEC can collaborate and assist


Shore Rivers awarded grant for Cerino Center River Friendly Garden. Wilmer Park Playground: Committee will send statement re: naturescape


Food Security


The USDA approved the Chestertown Farmers Market SNAP application to handle EBT benefits. We have received the permit, posters, training materials and PIN. The actual hardware & software to administer the program has been outsourced to approved contractors, and we are waiting for our assigned contractor to issue the equipment.


Funding has still not been secured to support the State administered MD Money Market, where SNAP benefits are matched by issuing “coins” to be used in conjunction with the SNAP Debit cards.


School Food Hubs: Students will receive both breakfast and lunch


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