Environmental Committee, 2019|

Chestertown Environmental Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 25 April, 2019

7:30 PM

Town Hall building, second floor


ATTENDING (in alphabetical order): Greg Farley, Andy Goddard, Jon Hanley (Chair), Jenny Kabrick (Washington College delegate), Krista Lamoreaux, Ford Schumann, Ford Schumann, David Sobers, Darran Tilghman



  1. Debrief from CEC presentations to Mayor & Town Council
    1. Review in the Chestertown Spy 4-25-19
    2. D. Tilghman: The mayor and council wanted more details, and more feedback, on every item, including (and perhaps emphasizing) the Armory trail and the storm drain at the park
      1. J. Hanley: re: Riverwalk/Armory trail: Bill Ingersoll wants 3-way meeting between the Town, the Environmental Committee, and the College; he hopes the College will put a plan together. Mayor Cerino wants an engineered plan, and would like the College to do it, although the Town might pay for it (?).
      2. A. Goddard: What is Ben Ford’s (of Center for Environment and Society) role in this? D. Small: Ben is part of a committee working on a planting plan and species choice; landscape architects drew a plan (for the Semans-Griswold building) and got it ~70% correct –some non-native plantings on the list.
      3. D. Sobers: Town also wants to be sure that whatever plan evolves will still be in place even if the College sells the Armory.
    3. J. Hanley: conversation re: Carpenter Park
      1. Tim Trumbauer working with Rev. Tolliver; no further action by Committee at this time.
    4. Carl Gallegos spoke about tree cover at the Mayor & Council briefing; takeway: the Council was impressed and said congratulations for the work done.
    5. J. Hanley: do we go before the Council next month? D. Sobers: no; quarterly.
  2. Recap of Environmental Fair, Saturday 4-20-19
    1. A. Goddard: $427 received (2 sponsors, plus vendor payment)
      1. 25 vendors
      2. Budget: $350 overall; Town has $1000 budget for Earth Day:
        1. Banner and sign: $400
        2. Bulb & battery recycling costs: $100
        3. Face Painting: $150
        4. Tables & Chairs: $312
        5. Advertising $50

Editor’s note: numbers do not add up; estimates presented in the meeting.

      1. Next year needs better planning, and more people; coordinate with Washington College Student Environmental Alliance
      2. Coordination with Bluegrass Festival was a good idea, although some confusion over schedules and vendors.
    1. F. Schumann: “Guess the Bale” 100+ participants, the most ever
    2. A. Goddard: Face painting decorated 150 people
    3. D. Tilghman: there should be a school presence next year, and a recycled art event like there has been in past years.
    4. D. Sobers: questions:
      1. Popcorn? (Yes.)
      2. African-American representation? (Mostly no; can Rev Tolliver help? Churches?)
      3. How many people? (Unknown).
    5. D. Tilghman: food – we should invite Eat Sprout next year.
  1. Subcommittee report-out
    1. Green Purchasing/Procedures: J. Hanley: we need to proceed deliberately and carefully – we got a bad reputation before because we pushed our own ideas. Let’s not do that again! (So, case of bamboo toilet paper will NOT be presented to town offices.)
      1. A. Goddard: Dunkin’ Donuts throws out a LOT of cardboard; isn’t there a rule about that?
        1. F. Schumann: Infinity Recycling has curbside pickup on Thursdays $10-$25/month. Suggests going to building manager.
        2. D. Tilghman: We could try to “convince” them – stand outside and talk with patrons
        3. D. Sobers: we could offer “green seal” certification for businesses that DO this – positive reinforcement, and persuasion for noncompliant businesses. Also, there IS an enforceable standard; he will send to A. Goddard.
  2. Membership: changes adopted by voice vote in prior meeting.
    1. J. Hanley: Now, how do we enforce it? Will send new guidelines, with note that people need to attend, or serve in another way, or step away from committee
    2. D. Tilghman: Darius Johnson has a standing conflict with Thursday nights; could serve on a working group (so, committees can have outside volunteers who are not “formal” members). Good “Grooming” for new committee members.
  3. New Leadership:
    1. J. Hanley: 10 years is enough! Stepping down, but will continue as volunteer with Energy Committee, Earth Day
    2. NEEDS: Chair (and/or co-Chair?), Vice Chair, Scribe (could rotate).
    3. Nomination process? (Conversations with potential [co-]Chairs underway.)
    4. D. Sobers: volunteered to serve as Interim Chair for May meeting


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 16, 7:30PM.


Adjourned: 8:54pm.

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