Recreation Commission, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Chestertown Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

6:00 pm, Monday, June 15, 2022

(not recorded due to oversight)

  1. Approval of minutes of April 11 meeting (the May meeting did not have a quorum).
  2. Proposal to name the Wilmer Park playground after Sarah Derry
    1. Jim Bogden summarized community members’ appreciation of “Aunt Sarah” Derry. Members voted to name the new playground after her.
  3. Update on the Wilmer Park playground enhancements
    1. A few parts and minor issues with the Wilmer playground will be taken care of. There have been many families using the playground.
  4. Update on the July 23 “Saturday in the Park” event
    1. We are scheduled to participate in family fun day, on July 23rd. Vendors advertising Kayaks etc. will be there. We will continue to discuss summer movies.
  5. Update on the proposed Radcliffe Creek Paddling Trail
    1. We did not receive permission for some drop off and pick up points. It was discussed to make a map of the creek and have certain areas where grasses, trees and wildlife might be located.
  6. Update on Carpenter Park improvements
    1. Not much to report on Carpenter Park
  7. Update on Bailey Park
    1. Apparently, the hospital might own some of the land. Further progress is stymied for now.
  8. Budget requests for 2023
  9. “Blue-sky” ideas for the Town’s new strategic plan
  10. Next regular meeting date is July 11, 2022
    1. We will continue the discussions concerning the time and date of the next CRC meeting.


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