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Chestertown Recreation Commission meeting minutes 4/18/19

Attendance: Amy Meeks, Emily Welsh, Harold Sommerville, Brandt Troup

  • First Friday/Second Saturday movies- Jim volunteered to manage. Suggested showing the Toy Story series in anticipation of #4 premiering in June. Must show “Sing” as we have already purchased the license (rained out last summer). Parks and Rec movie schedule (6/21 Moana, 7/19 Finding Dory, 8/16 Facing the Giants and 9/20 Incredibles 2) will not conflict with our schedule. Amy will touch base with DCA to confirm there are no conflicts in Fountain Park. Tentative start date June 7th. Banner will need to be made to display in front of Visitor’s Center.
  • Chess/Checkers Tables- would like to purchase 2 and place at Fountain Park. Brandt will call the company regarding price and style. Amy emailed Mayor Cerino for placement approval. He will think about locations and get back to the commission.
  • Earth Day- Everyone loved the bounce house at the festival.
  • Next grant cycle- The commission will need majority approval from the Mayor and Town Council regarding a playground at Wilmer Park. Amy will create a survey and circulate via Facebook for community input.
  • Louisa Carpenter Park- Brambles was awarded the contract. In the process of locating the water piping system from the old pool (to avoid when constructing the new walking trail).
  • AJAX- needs mulch under the playset, a new tarp for above the slide, and maybe some shade. Majority vote to purchase mulch and tarp.

Next meeting: May 16, 2019 @ 6pm at Procs

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