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CRC minutes 6/19/19 meeting

Attendance: Jim Bogden, Amy Meeks, Emily Welsh. Guest – Dawn Holden with Mid-Atlantic Products.

We discussed with Dawn our ideas for the new playground at Wilmer park. She informed us that she offered some of the products we are looking for, but not most. Encouraged us to enlist the help of a landscape architect for a more “natural playscape”.

The new border and ground cover was installed at AJAX over the weekend. Still need a new tarp for the slide. Amy will figure out how to replace it. There are wasps at the smaller play set. Amy will let Tom know so he can spray.

The movie screen is in need of repair or replacement. Amanda does not have any record of where we purchased the first one. Bill Arrowood will lend us his spare (if we need it) until we decide on how to replace ours.

The commission would still like to purchase chess/checker tables and place on High Street for public use. A brief internet search located a sturdy table in the $1200 range. Jim contacted Rob Glebe who indicated he could construct what we are looking for but one table (concrete) would be around $2400. The CRC will need permission from the mayor and town council to proceed with this idea.

Karate Kid was shown in the park on the 21st. I haven’t heard of any issues. The event was organized by the new martial arts company.

CRC will show SING on 7/12/19 in Fountain Park. Amy will get the DVD and Jim will set up the equipment.

Everyone is encouraged to recruit more members to the group.

Amy asked everyone to think of 5 elements each member would like to see incorporated in the new playground at Wilmer Park. Please email them amongst the group and we will discuss at the next meeting.

Next meeting 7/17/19 @ 6pm at Procs.


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