Environmental Committee|

Attendees:  Owen B., Briggs C., Ford S., Jon H.


  • Briggs nominated new team member, Mary Yates (ShorePower Project at Washington College)
  • Community Solar Project supported by M&T/C, Briggs to be liaison between the Environmental Committee and CSP
  • Ford and David to present Infinity update to M&T/C first Monday of May to outline ways to increase recycling participate
  • Jon will approach Redners about sponsoring info table on recycling during grand opening week
  • Owen will contact building and grounds at Washington College to better understand how recycling effort is managed and where recycled material currently goes
  • Jon will contact Jennifer at Infinity to gather info to develop a better TAWES nomination rationale
  • Jon outlined Earth Day activities and volunteer opportunities

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Submitted by:  Jon Hanley

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