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The Environmental Committee was called to order on Thursday, August 27, 2015.  Attending were Margo Bailey, David Sobers, Ed Minch, Carl Gallegos, Shane Brill, Owen Bailey and Ford Schumann.

Margo Bailey acted as Chair in Jon Hanley’s absence.

Discussion:  We should adopt procedures followed by the Town’s other Commissions.  The Committee agreed that we should elect a chair and vice-chair at the first meeting of each year.  The Committee should also submit a budget request to the Mayor and Council by March of each year.

Margo Bailey recommended we start a winter film series and Ed Minch requested that we also add a lecture component.  Ed Minch would like to do his piece on energy efficiency in the home.  Bob Patterson will repeat his Climate Change Awareness talk, Shane and Carl will think about a possible talk from them.  Owen will contact Sarah Via from the University of Maryland as to her availability.  I Have forgotten her area of expertise.

Shane has an extensive environmental library which he will share for our film series.  We can discuss these choices at our next meeting.

Update on Solid Waste:  David Sobers is working on a one page document to submit to the Council.

Update on Hospital Oil Spill:  None

Community Education.  Owen fears our biggest challenge is reaching those who don’t know anything about climate change.  He suggested a marker be placed by the Custom House showing the rising sea levels and those in the future.  He will contact John Seidel

Ford suggested we find a way to show the Annie Leonard series either in a film series or some other way.  They are brilliant.

Submitted by:  Margo Bailey

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