Environmental Committee|

Attendees:  David F., Shane B., Bob P., Carl G., Andy G., Ford S., Owen B.

  • Earth Day:
    • Andy to be event coordinator
    • need volunteers on day of event
  • Membership drive
    • promote at film/speaker series (Shane)
    • “bring a green buddy” to meetings (All)
  • January election of chair and formation of sub-committees
    • As Bill Ingersoll about by-laws protocol (Jon)
    • we want to pursue both actions
  • School recycling programs
    • contact school administration and Wayne Gilchrest (Ford)
    • Andy will be on sub-committee with Ford
  • Film/Speaker Series
    • proposed schedule developed by Margo
      • 1st Thursday of the month @ 6:30 p.m.
    • shuffle based on tonight’s discussion (Owen)
      • Minch to January:  Bees to March
    • promotion by communications sub-committee (Shane)
    • fees for speakers or films (Margo)
    • posters (Briggs)
    • ask Bill McGibbon to speak (Ford)
    • reserve 2nd floor conference room for January 7th (Jon)
  • Mission statement
    • adopted as voted upon by Town Council.
  • Strategic goals
    • developed by Shane
    • align with USS MD – Shane to wordsmith
  • Communications
    • sub-committee (Shane)
    • request edit capability on CGG link from Town Website for Shane (Jon)
    • establish U-tube site (Shane)
    • “permaculture” capture of contact info after speaker series (Shane)
      • roll out on January 7th
    • 90 second video on website 1st Monday
      • roll out January 4th with energy audits (Shane)
      • request Minch for 1st 90s video (Jon)
  • Metrics
    • samples developed by Shane for review
  • Operational and tactical goals
    • charts for SUS MD and Mayors Climate Agreement developed by Shane
    • alignment between documents and Green Team outlined by Shane

Next CEC team meeting will be on January 21st.  1st speaker series to be on January 7th.

Submitted by: Jon Hanley

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