Environmental Committee|

Attendees:  Carl G., David S., Bob P. Briggs C., Jon H. – Guests:  Anya Schoolman, Cory Ramsden (Community Power Network)

CPN Presentation:

  • Solar co-op founded in 2007, non for profit
  • facilitates co-ops in MD, DC, VA and WV
  • 17 co-ops formed with 4 in formation stages
  • 1785 members with 388 installation commitments
  • members get a 25% discount on solar installation
  • CPN gets $500.00/contract signed from solar provider to cover administration fees
  • works with historic commissions and HOAs
  • website solar@communitypowernetwork.org
  • CPN will present at M/C mtg on 2/2/15, please attend

EC team discussion

  • how to recruit new members
  • revisit mission statement
    • Jon to email current version to Bob P for Facebook page

Speaker series

  • panel vs speaker format
  • climate presentation
  • pesticides
  • GMO
    • Carl to invite local Monsanto rep
    • ESLC on panel
    • Carl’s WC-All presentation
    • moderator
    • move to Washington College?

Recycle update

  • Infinity
  • revisit David S. study of 2 years ago
  • engage new Mayor – Jon P
  • battery and CFL recycle day 2/28 at CNF store

Next EC team meeting is February 19 at 6:30 p.m.



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