Environmental Committee, 2016|

Attendees:  David S. Shane, Andy, Ruth, Carl, Bob, Jon

  • Introduction of new team member, Ruth Menefee
  • film/speaker series
    • declining attendance
      • already seen/heard
      • time of year
      • topic
      • bees and dirt – top attendance
    • next topic is gardening
      • communication
        • Andy press release
        • Master Gardeners email list – Jon ask Sabine
        • Ext Service email list – Ruth
        • cc Unity – Andy
        • are funds available for fb page – Jon to ask Margo
      • next batch of topics – Margo
  • Plastic bag ban
    • enforcement
    • Dollar Tree not in compliance
    • reminder versus education?
      • use Bag-It in film/speaker series to accomplish this
  • EV charging station
    • develop recommendation for adoption by Town as an Ordinance
      • do we really want this to be mandatory?
    • ask local users for feedback – Jon to ask John Lawrence
    • survey community
    • corporate sponsors?  Jon to ask Solar City
    • how many EV cars in Town – Margo to ask Peter Franchot
    • canvas other towns activity – David S
  • Recycle participation percentage
    • how to increase?
    • why no igloos in Town?
    • find Town Council support – Margo et al
    • yard waste
      • versus food scraps…
      • how to make free mulch accessible, improve quality – Jon ask Bill Ingersoll
  • What are Infinity contract details and status
  • Link MES HHW Day to our fb page – Shane

Next film/speaker series July 7th.  Next team meeting July 21.

Submitted by:  Jon Hanley


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