Environmental Committee, 2017|

The Chestertown Environmental Committee was called to order at 7pm on Thursday August 17, 2017.

Attending were Owen Bailey, Shane Brill, Margo Bailey, Ruth Menafee, David Sobers, Ford Schumann, Grant Samms, Myra McAdory and Jon Hanley.

The actions on the previous meeting were discussed with the new members.

1.Jon will talk to Tom Sappington re: who empties the street recycle bins and ask it they are being used correctly.

2. Margo will check with Bill about ordering butt disposable containers.

3. Margo will ask Bill what would entail in installing a water refill station.

4. Margo was unable to get “Garbage Dreams” for viewing due to lack of response from vendor.

5. Shane talked about our new “Shore Homesteading ” schedule. He will contact Peter Heck at the Spy about putting our schedule in the environmental section.  Margo will contact Andy Goddard about getting our schedule in “What’s Up Eastern Shore”. Owen Bailey will try to find the name of the Shore food magazine. It was suggested we write a letter to the Editor on the Kent News about our lecture and film series. Grant Samms has volunteered to do any writing that we need.

6.Ford will work up a new chart explaining recycling. David Sobers remarked that if we went to once a week garbage pickup then the cost of 100% recycling would not have a big cost. Grant will look for state funding for more recycle bins.

7. Margo will speak at the September Council meeting on plastic and Ford will speak at the October meeting.

8. The Committee once again took up the question of promoting the Solar Coop but declined and we felt we could not play favorites.

9. The new restaurant Smoke Rattle and Roll is using all compostable materials. Milano’ Pizza is also using some as is Figgs Ordinary. Suggested you bring your own take out box to restaurants that use styrofoam.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Submitted by, Margo Bailey.


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