Environmental Committee, 2018|

Town of Chestertown Environmental Committee meeting February 15, 2018

Attendees: MargoB, DaveS, ShaneB, FordS, RuthM, and GrantS

We discussed DaveS Chestertown Residential Solid Waste Management document that includes existing conditions with tonnage rates and costs etc. re: household refuse, yard waste, and recyclables. Asking TofC to adopt proposed goals and recommendations to increase total recycling and cut costs and some means by which to do this.  Dave will present to the Town Council (TC) March 5th.

A call to support Dave’s presentation at the TC mtg on March 5th.

High attendance at the last film Feb 1st. Next film “How to Change the World” is showing March 1st.

Upcoming Earth Day Festival April 21st. Present to TC April 2nd or 16th. Proposed a short survey at the Festival for folks to complete re: household waste, recycling and composting.

Our next meeting is March 15th 7pm.



PS: Many thanks to David Sobers for pulling together an informative and concise picture of where we are now and where we must be going forward!

PPS: Also thanks to Ruth for being scribe.


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