Environmental Committee, 2019|

Attendees: David F, Krista, Tim, Dan, Zach, Darran, Greg, Carl, Margo, Ford, David S, Jeff


  • walk through of 4 Sub Committees action items – Greg
    • minor corrections noted
    • no work on action items until after M&TC presentation
  • Mayor & Town Council presentation
    • 4FEB at 7:30PM
    • Darran & Greg to tag team the presentation
    • 10-15 minutes maximum
    • re-vitalize The Team
    • reference the size of the new team
    • list team member affiliations & any Subject Matter Experts
    • mention 4 sub committees
    • provide hard copy of report at the end
    • what do you want us to work on?
    • how best to serve you?
    • let us know what action items we should work on
    • David Foster to handle follow-up with M&TC reception
    • all hands on deck! bring children and friends of The Team if possible
    • dress code is “business casual”
    • prototype agenda bullet items to The Team by 31JAN

Next team meeting is 21FEB at 7:30PM;

  • debrief M&TC presentation
  • identify new Team leadership
  • adopt new membership guidelines
  • sub teams – project decision analysis
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