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Attendees: Margo, Ruth, Carl, Shane, Johnson Fortenbaugh, Wendy Morrison, JonDiscussion points:

  • Johnson and Wendy were guests representing the MDSUN Co-op
  • Margo gave a brief history on the Green Team origins
  • Film & Speaker Series (F&SS) will commence on FEB 2
    • Shane presented 2016 summary
    • still 1st Thursdays at Sumner Hall
    • Shane will lead the effort
    • establish a sub-committee to assist Shane
    • funding through Town budget
    • Sumner to invoice Town quarterly
    • Bob Ingersol still Sumner contact?
  • M&TC presentations 1st Mondays
    • Margo to kick off FEB 6th with Shane on F&SS 2016 recap
      • show one of 90 second videos by team members
    • presentations by team members no longer than 10 minutes
    • solicite a liaison from council for Green Team
  • request SUSMD summary from Kees
  • have Kees present storm water management goals to Green Team
  • recycling & composting
    • town at 60% recycling participation
    • issue with new bin purchase?
    • Infinity reported 300 tons recycled in 2016!
    • push individual composting and sponsor workshops
    • secure Brenda Platt as F&SS speaker on composting
    • organic farming interview with Wendel Berry for F&SS topic
  • Carl to host tree and arbor day discussion for F&SS
  • Earth Day Festival on April 22nd; Andy, Ruth & Jon on sub committee
  • Green team will support MDSUN Co-op 2017 initiative

Next meeting is FEB 16th at 7PM.


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