Environmental Committee, 2018|

Town of Chestertown Environmental Committee meeting March 15, 2018


Attendees: MargoB, ShaneB, FordS, and RuthM

  • Earth Day Festival April 21st: 
    • Working on meeting, organizing participants, and lining up more volunteers.
    • Ford to organize music.
    • Margo to include sponsors on ED Fstival poster and print.
  • Shane and film series. A reminder for Andy for?
  • Brief discussion of recent legislation by the CofBmore and MontCo to ban polystyrene foam cups and packaging.
  • Email from Dave Sobers (not DFoster – my mistake) to TofC
  • MayorC dated March 12th re: clarification of solid waste management and recycling monitoring and enforcement actions.
  • The email was submitted following Dave’s presentation to the TofC on the March 5th TofC Council mtg which was well done.
  • Kent County Public hearing March 27th at 6pm 400 HighSt to discuss the Draft Comprehensive Plan: https://www.kentcounty.com/planning/comp-plan-update
  • Ford discussing trash cans and recycling cans. Margo can provide labels.
    • Ford to conduct an informal survey of receptacles at public parks, rtrail and other areas.
  • Press releases with the Spy and Kent News for upcoming events
  • Attend upcoming budget mtgs with the TofC (Margo?)
  • next meeting April 19th at 7PM
    • highlight will be Sustainable MD Green Team Training

Many thanks to Ruth for being scribe in my absence.


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