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Chestertown Environmental Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 5, 2020 7:30 PM



Present: Tim Trumbauer, Krista Lamoreaux, Jenny Lee-Freebery, Ford Schumann, Carl Gallegos, Zack Kelleher, David Sobers, Kevin Denice (WAC Student Rep), Jack Goembel (WAC Student Rep), Tia Cameron


Introduction and Membership Update

– Chair welcomes Jenny Lee-Freebery as a new member and Tia Cameron (new to Chestertown) as a guest.


Review and Approve February 2020 Minutes

– Remove Dan Small from presence



Communications and Outreach Update


Green Drinks @ Retriever – Revived by Jenny Lee-Freebery

First event 2/10 – about 30 attended

Unity Nursery will present at next Green Drinks – 3/9


Investigating “Chestertown Environment” Facebook page – who owns?


Working Group reports and discussion


Review of Mayor and Town Council Presentation

Tim Trumbauer presented

Follow-up items:

  • Ford – need for recycling containers for events and residents
  • Education on recycling in schools
  • Tom Herz – CEC structure and membership
  • Mayor Chris – ShoreRivers storm water management concern/Wilmer Park
  • David Foster – community clean-up notification (let Town know)1. Administration
  • M&TC presentation2. Energy & Transport
  • Get update from Tim
  • Question from the gallery re: public transportation
    • Why is the rail-trail not available to Worton?
    • Further discussion of scalable transit opportunities (WAC, Heron Point, etc.)3. Water & Habitat
  • Dan Small – stepping down from CEC
  • Riverwalk – Owen Bailey is ESLC contact – pursuing final funding for river walk
  • Wilmer Park – convert to a living shoreline with public dock & kayak access?
  • State of the Chester – April 24th @ 5:30 p.m. WAC Boathouse
    • It will be a community-friendly event with food & drinks
  • Stormwater Management Plan Update – comprehensive plan for Chestertown
    • If you see places which need remediation, report to ShoreRivers so they may incorporate in their plan.
    • Tim will brief the committee on the full plan at 7 p.m. before the April meeting4. Waste Management
  • Recycling container grant submitted & awaiting notification
  • Kent County will collect KCPS organics & deliver to facility; Betterton will do same. It will be delivered to Wayne Gilchrest at Turners Creek.
  • Questions from Tia regarding – single-use productsEarth Day Update 3 confirmed sponsors: ShoreRivers, CES, LaMotteDesperately need volunteers! – WAC? Green Drinks?
  • Community Trash Walk x 2 – 10 a.m.
  • 15 confirmed vendors
  • Contact Jon Hanley or Andy Goddard

Other Business

Next meeting: April 2nd


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