Environmental Committee, 2019|

Chestertown Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 21, 7:30pm-9:00pm

Submitted by Darran Tilghman

Attendees: Nick DiPasquale, Greg Farley, David Foster, Sammy Howell, Zack Kelleher, Krista Lamoreaux, Ford Schumann, Dan Small, David Sobers, Darran Tilghman, Tim Trumbauer; guest Hope Clark

Absent: Owen Bailey, Margo Bailey, Shane Brill, Carl Gallegos, Andy Goddard, Jon Hanley, Darius Johnson, Dawn Reilly, Jeff Warden

Nominating Procedure

  • David Foster called for approval of the nominating member procedure document: Unanimous approval.
  • David Foster affirmed that even with membership requirements, this committee holds open meetings. Members are distinguished by having a vote on Committee issues and responsibilities such as attendance, being a part of a working group, etc.
  • Sammy Howell, Student Government Association member from Washington College, requested that student members be excused from the requirement to attend 8 out of 12 meetings, and added that students may send a substitute.
  • David Sobers asked if the Committee should also consider creating a Nominating Committee, especially to fill Chair and Vice Chair positions. The group agreed to revisit this question.

Earth Day Festival

  • Darran Tilghman asked the committee for suggestions on sustainability tips for the upcoming Earth Day Festival. The Environmental Committee will have a booth; a sheet of sustainability tips will help attendees take immediate positive action.
  • Brief discussion and brainstorming followed.

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL)

Hope Clark presented on the work of the CCL.

  • CCL does education and advocacy; focus on optimism and political will
  • Seeking endorsement as a group for HR763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019
  • General approval was expressed; a discussion followed on the ways in which the Environmental Committee can support this legislation. It was agreed that the Committee would support CCL’s forthcoming request that the town give its endorsement for HR763.

Town Council Request Reports

At the January presentation to the Mayor & Town Council, several requests were made to the Environmental Committee. It was agreed that the Committee should present again on the progress made on each of these requests, summarized here.

  • Tree Canopy: Krista Lamoreaux attended a meeting of the Tree Committee and found that there is no current plan to increase tree cover. The goal for Chestertown is 40%; in 2008 the canopy was at 25%.
  • Carpenter Park stormwater: Tim Trumbauer met with Councilman Tolliver and will help assess the site for stormwater management.
  • Representation from all Wards: Tim has also reached out to Councilman Tolliver in an effort to find a representative to this Committee from each Ward.
  • River Walk: Greg Farley talked to Mark Hampton at Washington College. The College is committed to the development of the River Walk and willing to pursue it in partnership with Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.
  • Fountain Park compacting issue: Dan Small corresponded with Sabine Harvey, the Market Master, and reports on exploring many options including embedding plastic gridding, moving the market, planting shade-lovers.

Decisions Taken

The Member Nominating Procedure document was approved.

The Committee agreed to support the Citizens Climate Lobby’s request to endorse HR763 and to recommend that the Town give its endorsement.

Action Items

Tim Trumbauer will add the attendance exemption for WAC students to the Environmental Committee’s membership procedure document.

David Foster will schedule a time for the Environmental Committee to present to the Mayor and Town Council, hopefully April 15.

Greg Farley will recommend endorsement of HR763 by Washington College to Kurt Landgraf.

Greg Farley will follow up with a student to determine current Town canopy cover using GIS.

Greg Farley will determine if the College’s intent to complete the River Walk needs to be affirmed in writing.

Dan Small will follow up with Sabine Harvey to see if she is interested in collaborating on a new master plan for foot traffic and stormwater in Fountain Park.

Ford Schumann will contact a turf maintenance expert regarding options for Fountain Park.

Ford Schumann will add recycling bins to Fountain Park on Saturdays.

All will discuss via email the format for a 10-minute presentation to the Mayor & Council.


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