Environmental Committee|

Attendees: Andy, Darran, David F, David S, Ford, Margo, Greg, Tim, Dan

Appreciative Inquiry Process – Part 2

  • revisit color coded ideas
    • green – doable
    • yellow – good to consider
    • red – hard to implement
  • work yellow column
    • pick one per team
  • work green column
    • pull off or recode
    • recycle to included waste management
  • four buckets established – team lead
    • River/Habitat – Tim
    • Energy – Jon
    • Waste Management – Ford
    • Administrative – David F
  • Assignment – each team lead to summarize breakout session results and email to Greg
  • Mayor & Town Council presentation
    • end of January
    • here’s a list of ideas
    • what should we work on? not here’s what we want to work on!
    • all hands on deck
  • Waste Management Team to solicit feedback from Town Manager re: once per week trash collection
  • next full team meeting is 20DEC at 7:30PM

Please feel free to solicit additional team members that would have some enthusiasm around one of the four sub-teams we have formed, and/or expertise in those fields.

I will reach out to Sam Shoge and Airlee Johnson to help us include communities of color on the team.



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