Environmental Committee|

Attendees:  David S., Bob P., Carl, Sam, David F., Ed

After brief introductions for Sam’s benefit the following topics were discussed:

  • Tree Canopy
  • Tree City USA
  • 26% to 34% in 5 years
  • Mayor’s goal is >40%
  • USFS “I Tree” program
  • Follow-up with Briggs & Stu on tree plan – Sam

Storm Water Run-Off

  • NOT foot of High Street – too late there
  • College and academic center effort
  • Ag & phosphorous run-off a priority
  • Rob Etgen – Land Conservatory
  • Access WC buildings and grounds effort – Sam

Town solar project awarded to Solar City


  • Fountain hot spot working
  • need to expand to other sections of downtown


  • Infinity status
  • increase participation levels
  • mailer
    • list of those currently recycling
    • cross reference to all in town
    • send to those not participating
    • Ford has mailers
    • Same will facilitate with Town Council

New Town website

  • live January 15
  • interactive videos
  • link to environmental committee
  • use public access channel

David Foster

  • Hospital well issues
  • questions amount reported and testing protocol
  • knowledgeable panel formed

Ed Minch

  • night sky
    • street lights
    • LED project

Water bills

  • high minimum
  • restructure water rates
  • this will encourage reduction of water use

All:  contributing membership in the Environmental Committee is at the Mayor’s discretion.  We must still comply with public meeting guidelines.

Next meeting December 18 at 6:30 p.m. Town Hall

Submitted by: Jon Hanley


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