Environmental Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Minutes for CEC Meeting

April 11 – 7:00 at Town Hall


Jenny Freebery,  Secethia Davis,  Wendy Wander, Brad Hollomon,  Margie Lance, Zoe Brookbank, Tom Dietz, Erin Heckles, Marcus Goldman, Jim Bogden, Andy Goddard, David Sobers, Carole Trippe, Laura Chamberlain, Anne Stevens, Shaun Creasey, David Sobers

Wendy Wander recorded the minutes.

Treasurers report- Carole

  • The fiscal year runs July- June. Now have $712 to use until June 30th
  • Pop up tent was purchased. Will use rest for Earth Day Social Media and mosquito dunks

Jon-EV charger infrastructure

  • no new EV chargers installed
  • no new EV chargers out of service
  • two L2’s in process at S-G Hall Wash Coll
  • three 3rd party suppliers responding to RFQ for “rip & replace” all EVI units
  • site visits completed with ChargePoint
  • information shared with Blink
  • initial contact with flo 
  • all three suppliers asked for supplier owned & shared revenue models
  • all three tasked with advanced “customer facing” hardware/software

Tom- Solar Energy

  • Working closely with Town Manager on design, financing and ownership
    structure for energy efficiency plan and proposed 2.6 MW solar array on John
    Hanson Road
  • Attended Sustainable Maryland Leadership Training Feb. 26th
  • Presented vision for town on March 6th ; potential to be achieve net zero
    Tier 1 &2 CO 2 emissions by 2030
  • Have contacted Univ. of Maryland Environmental Policy Center and the
    Maryland Clean Energy Center for support and technical assistance
  • Maryland Clean Energy Center (MDCEC) can provide low interest financing and procurement assistance
  • Have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with (MDCEC) to define
    working relationship
  • Working to define steps needed to bring solar project to “shovel ready”
  • Led case is a $4.3 Million dollar 2.6 MW tracking array which would
    produce ~4300 MWhr/yr.
  • Chestertown’s electricity needs projected to be 1800 MWhr/yr.
  • MDCEC is the coordinating agency for an anticipated $107 Million “Solar
    for All” grant from the Federal Government
  • Exploring potential partners for the excess 2500 MWhr/yr. electricity
  • Current led case is a community solar project to provide 50% of output
    to low- and moderate-income households in Chestertown, balance to
    other households and possibly businesses
  • Have identified at least one non-profit that could manage subscriber list
    and administration (Climate Access Fund)
  • Another alternative is to partner with one or more Kent County

Secethia -Garden Club

  • The Humane Gardener, A Tall by Nancy Lawon is Thursday, April 25, 6:–7:30 at the Norman James Theatre at WAC
  • Good Seed Garden – May 2nd from 5:00-7:00
  • May Mart – May 3 at Memorial Park. Proceeds to go to Memorial and Fountain Park
  • Chestertown is now certified as a “Bird City”

Carole- composting

  • Vault will not allow composting at their site due to rodent/smell concerns. Carole to contact Larry asking about the wastewater treatment site (outside gates) or if he has any other ideas of where the two 96 gallon compost bins might go
  • Carol, Liz, Tom Secethia and Shore Rivers representatives met with 2 paid environmental consultants for input on environmental concerns and a master plan (hopefully by this fall) for Chestertown that included: storm water runoff, need for regular recycling and composting, zero waste goal, Heritage Trail, EV vehicles and recharging, reusable bags, etc.

Brad – composting

  • Meet with Shore Soils about possible composting with Heron Point

Zoe – composting

  • WAC possible composting site drop off. Will check with Shane Brill about possible parking lot drop off for public.

Andy – Earth Day – April 20

  • 30 exhibitors with EV display and CEC booth
  • $785 in sponsor money, $400 from exhibitors
  • Largest Earth Day participation since initiation
  • WAC Kappa Sigma is offering their $5.00 breakfast again to benefit Veterans
  • Need booth volunteers
  • Marketing in KCN, Tidewater Traders, Social Media and CEC newsletter
  • Tom volunteered to take pictures for social media
  • Food Insecurity Booth in attendance? Jenny to follow up with Laura

Marcus- stormwater runoff

  • Starbucks removed all trees on property. Questions were raised if the county or state has regulations on tree removal and/or replacement like other municipalities. If not, it was discussed that CEC may want to take the lead on “best practices” such as tree-for-a- tree, native plants, storm water studies, etc.  It was also discussed that we should engage the Tree Committee and Annie Richards at ShoreRivers for their knowledge on this matter.  Marcus, Wendy, Jenny, Secethia, and Carol offered to follow up on this matter and maybe develop a “Tree Ordinance” for Chestertown

David – trash/recycling update

  • Town would like to switch from twice weekly trash pickup to once weekly, switching the second pickup day to recycling pickup with Wallace Henry. Town might want to purchase a trailer for Mr. Henry to use for recyclables.   Still debating on how Mr. Henry will pick up and sort the recyclables. Glass will probably not be picked up, due to contamination of other recyclables if it breaks.  Residents will still be able to leave glass off at Vault for recycling. 

Other Business

  • Environmental Award- Those present agreed that it would be better to issue the award to Lifetime Achievement in Recycling versus a yearly award. This would make the award more meaningful. Ford Schumann is the first and only winner so far.  Margo Bailey’s name was discussed as a posthumous award winner.  A plaque with the recipient’s name, year, contribution description, would be hung in the lobby of the Town Hall.
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