Environmental Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Virtual
April 13, 2023

In Attendance: Jenny Freebery, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, Zoe Brookbank, Liz Peterson, David Sobers, Tom Dietz, Joe Maisano, Kevin Denice, Brad Hollomon, Thomas Dietz , Mark Carper, Susan Flanigan, Michael McDowell

Meeting opened 7:30

Meeting Overview

Garden Club activities, Earth Day, Sustainable Maryland, Recycling, and the redefinition of our committees were discussed. Policy and planning for the committee is important and time will be set aside twice per year to discuss them. June 30 is the deadline for spending, and all monies not spent are returned to the town coffers.

Treasury Report (NO CHANGES)

1.The town assigns $1,000 every year to the Committee,
2. Monies not spent by June 30th of each year are returned to the town,
3. Cash currently on hand is about $740,
4. Spending money on mosquito dunks was proposed.
5. Spending on bat boxes was mentioned.

Garden Club

1. Tree planting event planned
2. The club is asking for a grant for irrigation
3. Two new gardens are planned
4. There will be a plant sale on May 5, with proceeds going to Fountain and Memorial Parks,
5. Impressive student activities were presented to the group,
6. An Art & Garden event is planned for May 11.


1. Details of the new domestic recycling program are being worked out with Republic.
2. No updates were available.
3. CEC should meet with the new Town Manager on this and other topics.
4. Putting a notice on the water bill was suggested.
5. Possibly a single bin per household.
6. There was discussion about approaching the town on Styrofoam recycling.
a. State grants might be available to help on setting up a program.
b. May be new, more progressive grants available under new administration.



Annual Earth Day Celebration, Saturday, April 22, 2023

1. Volunteers needed.
2. Activities in town and at WAC were discussed.
3. WAC donated $1,000 for expenses.
4. A composting workshop is scheduled for May 20 at 10 AM. Place to be determined.

Sustainable Maryland Certification, 2023-2025 Old and New Business)

1. Thirty specific activities were cited.
2. Much work is needed to update old items.
3. Carole needs info updated by the end of April.

Tea Party Notes and Comments (MARCH Minutes)

Discussion about how to facilitate recycling at the event
Separate Cans for garbage and recycling?
Containers centrally located for cardboard, plastic bottles, soda cans, glass?
Proposed site is Fountain Park sidewalk
Wendy to call Ford about cardboard recycling

Work Group Reports

There were no updates presented from the work groups.

New Business/Miscellaneous

1. The committee needs to develop a solar energy agenda
a. Might start with a five minute presentation to the Mayor or TC
2. MD Green Registry
a. Pesticide Reduction
b. Chemical volume reductions
c. Business Initiatives?
3. Committee Redefinition
a. Discussion about scrapping Administration
b. Make composting part of recycling and waste reduction
c. Food security. Mark Carper to develop ideas and report to group.

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