Environmental Committee, 2017|


Attendees: Margo, Shane, David S & me.




  • return to 3rd Thursday of the month meetings at 7PM
  • Film & Speaker Series
    • continue 1st Thursday of the month, skip January
    • default location is Sumner Hall
    • Margo will arrange hall rental quarterly
    • Shane role – unload current duties
      • he will handle advance promotion
      • he will not handle night of event activities
      • assign team members to cover above
      • 1Q18 Shane, Margo and me
    • co-sponsors are the key to reaching a larger audience
    •  advertise via co-sonsors mailing lists
  • 2 year summary of F&SS ‘post-it’ notes
    • Shane organized and cross referenced output to team goals
    • isse to team members and brainstorming attendees
    • post on website
  • M&TC presentations
    • 1st Monday of the month
    • kick off with 2017 accomplishments and short falls
    • outline 2018 goals
    • January team meeting will develop these presentations
  • Margo is membership chair
    • how to retain existing members and find new ones
    • team members to RSVP attendance to Margo and me
  • M&TC support
    • if we do not have an advocate, should we dissolve?

The next meeting will be on January 18th in Town Hall at 7PM. Attendance is important, so mark your calendars for a 90 minute commitment.

Happy Christmas to all,



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