Environmental Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee Minutes
February 10,  2022



In attendance: Darran Tilghman, Andy Goddard, Beryl Kemp, Nevin Dawson, Krista Lamoreaux, Zack Kelleher, Erin Heckles, David Sobers, Joe Maisano, Owen Bailey, Ford Schumann, Kevin Denice, Carole Trippe

Welcome Carole Trippe  Carole moved to Kent Co. recently from DC. Heard of CEC through Jim Bogden. Background in policy

Mayor & Council: Council approved Tim O’Brien (Ward 1 council member) as CEC council liaison. CEC Owen to be ARPA representative.
Darran presented CEC report to council on Feb 7.

  **Action items: Communication with council members

  • Andy & Ford to work with Meghan Efland on informing public about recycling-perhaps a pamphlet? Ask Ann Landfill- through Social Media press release
  • Krista to reach out to Jose Medrano (Ward 3) about needs
  • Owen to reach out to Tom Herz (Ward 2)
  • David Foster asked if committee would look into lead paint issues and alternatives

Earth Day Festival. Saturday April 21   9 am – noon    Park Row
Jenny, Andy, Jon planning committee
Format same as 2021- Community Trash & Recycle Walk, EV display, CEC booth accepting bulbs, batteries, #5 plastics, shredder truck, nonprofit info booths. Sponsors
See attached for notes

Sustainable Maryland
A certification program for municipalities in Maryland that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.
CEC to assist town in updating certification.

  **Action Item: Owen to invite Mike Hunninghake, program manager, to CEC meeting

Hope Clark presentation on Climate Crisis & Environmental Justice Act.
Committee will not support as a committee, may do so individually if desired.
Are other climate/environmental bills before legislature. Committee unclear on position re: town council- do we need approval to support legislation. Do we view ourselves as an advocacy group?

  **Action Item: Zack to send Human Environmental bill to committee






Working Groups


Monthly articles on environmental issues. Jenny coordinating.
Here is link to google sheet- pls read and sign up!


Working Groups

Energy & Transportation:
Clark Farm Solar project. Court overruled. County appealing because of zoning laws


Water & Habitat:
Open Streets:
Delineators @ corner of Water and High Streets removed. Residents not pleased with
Mosquito Spraying  Potential for co management strategies with town?

**Action Item: Carole to check whether/how other towns opted out of spraying


Food Security:
Krista working with Julie (Farmers Market mgr.) on doubling food coupons

Waste Management
Town ordinance on recycling. Town reserves right to not pick up trash that has recyclables.
Discussion on enforcing. See attached for ordinance.

Meetings Changed to 2nd Thursdays @ 7:30
Next meeting March 10

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Goddard, Secretary

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