Environmental Committee, 2017|

In attendance: Mago, Andy and Ruth



  • great presentation by Shane at M&TC meeting – see video on Spy
  • Jon on M&TC in March
  • Carl on M&TC for April
  • ED17 – suggest additional food trucks, i.e. food court
  • MDSUN support from CEC will be minimal
  • SUSMD update to team by Kees next month
  • put Ford on agenda for M&TC mtg in May
  • Ruth pursuing Baywise certification for her yard, video in June?




  • CEC team mtgs always 3rd Thursday at 7PM
  • M&TC mtgs 1st Monday
    • debrief M&TC presentation by Shane
  • film & speaker series (F&SS)
    • always 1st Tuesday
    • next, March 2 film Garbage
    • April 4 Carl & Arbor Day
    • composting and organic farming in the que
  • Earth day Aril 22nd
    • Ruth, Andy & I on committee
    • 25 vendors so far
    • yes we will have shredding!
  • MDSUN support?
    • they want more than I am willing to provide
    • response toCory Ramadan
  • misc topics
    • SUSMD
    • recycling
    • storm water runoff
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