Environmental Committee, 2021|

Chestertown Environmental Committee Minutes
February 4, 2021

Attending: Jon Hanley, Andy Goddard, Darran Tilghman, Krista Lamoreaux, David Sobers,
Zack Kelleher, Jenny Freeburg, Annie Richards, Seyed Marjaei, , Carl Gallegos
Guests: Carolyne Grotsky, Tom Herz

Welcome new member & Chester Riverkeeper Annie Richards


Tom Herz suggested CEC provide input with 2 town projects: River Walk & storm
water drainage

Carolyne (President Chestertown Garden Club) or other Garden Club member will attend
CEC meetings

Earth Day Festival April 24
Andy, Jon, Jenny. Still tentative. Will decide March 19 if moving forward.
Block Trash activities. Various town locations, rail trail. dog waste signs rail trail & Garnett)
Groups: Corporate sponsors adjoining rail trail, SEEC, ShoreRivers, Scouts, Hoyas, WAC

Salisbury Environmental Policy
CEC (Darran) to meet with Salisbury group member Re: strategies for potential Chestertown policy

Work Group Action Items for 2021

• develop new building codes for commercial buildings
o establish LEED efficient building compliance guidelines
o mandate solar generation systems based on building size
• solicit solar Co-Op companies
o leverage relationship with local solar providers
o publicize Historic District solar guidelines
• support local utility programs to purchase “green” power
o Delmarva
o Choptank
o third party

• expand Town owned/operated EVSE charging stations
o Delmarva program
o Electric Vehicle Institute of MD
• mandate EVSE charging stations on new commercial developments
o 1 charging station per 25 parking spots
o replicate handicapped parking requirements
• replace town owned vehicles with EV’s going forward

Waste Management:
David S & Ford to send

Action Item: David Sobers to ask David Foster to be “official CEC champion” for town
Report for Mayor & Council meeting Feb. 15
Discussion on strategy.
• List town achievements
• Present idea that town needs environmental plan with mandates. Request workshop
with Mayor & council to assist in setting policy & achieving environmental plan.

Seyed to reach out to new WAC Sustainability Committee (primarily administration) for input

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