Environmental Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Google Meeting
February 9, 2023

In Attendance:
Jenny Freebery, Andy Goddard, Darran Tilghman, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, Joe Maisano, Jim Bogden, Alberto Larotonda, Ford Schumann, Brad Hollomon, Kevin Denice Mark Carper

Meeting opened 7:34

Meeting Overview

There was discussion of the committee’s finances and worthy projects to fund with the outstanding cash and near future donations on or before June 30. Most of us had attended the Sustainable Maryland training session the night before and there was lively discussion and enthusiasm for the program. We will need to get moving, since the application for re-certification must be in by June 30. There was some discussion about what we should present at the March Town Council meeting, and projects to engage Washington College students in projects to benefit the town and vice versa. The Google Meet utility worked well for those attending remotely.

Treasury Report

1.The town assigns $1,000 every year to the Committee
2. Monies not spent by June 30th of each year are returned to the town
3. Cash currently on hand is about $1.4K
4. Further minor donations are expected (Farmers’ Market, etc.)

Spending Opportunities:

1. Earth Day costs run approximately $500,
2. We can buy and distribute/sell more mosquito dunks,
3. Buy two Infinity Recycling composting bins and put them up for auction on Earth Day,
4. Conduct a composting workshop and sell the bins there,
5. Do a $200 upgrade to the Farmers’ Market booth,
6. Buy more benches made from recycled plastic we collect,
7. Earmark $250 for advertising and $50 for printing of flyers,
8. Sponsor a “Don’t throw down C-Town” litter project?


Town is considering one serious bid for domestic recycling.

Sustainable Maryland Certification

● Our committee has agreed to spearhead the effort to update the application process for recertifying Chestertown as a Sustainable Maryland community for 2023-2025.
● We have completed a 90 minute training course.
● Carole Trippe will be managing the project and Andy Goddard will work on the website.
● Individuals need to take charge of an item/project/effort and sign up to do it.
● The presentation given by Mike Hunninghake, the program director, is on the website.
● Carole will send out a spreadsheet with a list of projects for us to sign up.

March Town Council Meeting

From January CEC meeting:

Formation of a transition team. This team would work to move the community from dependence on fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Neither the town, nor its committees, should ever engage in practices that are detrimental to the environment. Other town committees need to think environmentally.

From February CEC Meeting:

Joe Maisano would like to propose the creation of an EV Ordinance. A first draft of the ordinance is attached. For the purpose of the March meeting, I would develop a short PowerPoint Presentation.

Daran Tilghman presented important agenda items via email:

● Introduce new officers of the Committee; remind Council of our purpose to support all Town efforts in being more sustainable, help to reach Town goals
● Highlight our Committee’s goals that made it into the Town’s Strategic Agenda; note action steps the Committee and its represented orgs (ESLC, ShoreRivers, Garden Club, etc.) can take to move these goals forward; ask which of these projects/initiatives are top priority
● Suggest creating a mechanism for environmental review/input and assistance on other Committees/Commissions
● Hear any additional feedback/suggestions from Mayor & Council members
● Set Sustainable Maryland Certification as a goal!

Committee Vision Statement

Andy Goddard read the vision statement to the group, as published in 2018-2019. The statement resides on our shared drive. The group, in general, approved of the statement with no recommended changes.

Work Group Reports

There were no updates presented from the work groups.

New Business

Preparation for Next meeting with Town Council (See above notes)

Sustainable Maryland Certification (See above notes)

Chester River Hospital Remediation Project

There was some brief but animated discussion about concerns many of us have about the Chester River Hospital groundwater contamination remediation efforts. There seems to be some confusion regarding communication on this topic that needs to be addressed.

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