Environmental Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee Minutes
January 13,  2022



In attendance: Darran Tilghman, Andy Goddard, Beryl Kemp, Nevin Dawson Krista Lamoreaux, Jim Bogden, Zack Kelleher, Jenny Freebery, MQ Riding, David Sobers, Joe Maisano, Tim O’Brien, Hope Clark

Guest Speaker: Hope Clark of ClimateXChange Maryland presented bill going before Maryland Senate this session- SB135. Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act.
Bill incentivizes reduction of fossil fuel CO2 emissions and generate money: 50% to county and municipal governments for investment in clean energy infrastructure and 50% to low and moderate income households and small businesses. See attached for details.
Hope asked if committee would endorse. No decision made at meeting. Hope@climate-xchange.org
To sign on to resolution: HB0171/SB0135

Mayor & Council Liaison: Tim O’Brien (Ward 1 council member, ward1@chestertown.com) to request of town council to be made CEC council liaison. Background in Environmental Science. David Sobers commented on importance of town & county working together.
Action Items
*CEC to report at February 7 Mayor & Council meeting. Members urged to attend.
* Tim asked that CEC nominate member for ARPA citizens committee. (each council person nominates 2)

Working Groups

Energy & Transportation: Jon asked that we work on adding EV station to Lawrence Wetlands
Action Item:

*Put EV info on Town website –Chestertown has most stations on Eastern Shore

Communications: Jenny proposed monthly/quarterly (?) newsletter/press release written by various
committee members. She will be lead.

Water & Habitat:
Open Streets:
High & Water- in spring Town will paint street inside bollard. Also, will install permanent
stop sign. Haack Drive project approved. Owen working on funding
Greenwood Ave neighborhood discussing potential traffic calming with Owen
Action Item:
  *Darran send Tim info on mosquito spraying. CEC would like town to stop participating in program &
use alternative means- e.g., bat houses

Food Security: Still very few SNAP clients. Discussion on how to increase participation. Distribute info to
Food Pantry, Minary’s Dream, Social Services, LMG
   Action Items
Krista to talk to Julie King about Double Money Program
* Print posters in Spanish- add registration info

Waste Management Use ARPA funds for more recycle bins

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