Environmental Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Virtual
February 8, 2024  

In Attendance: Laura Chamberlin (Washington College), Secethia Davis,  Brad Hollomon, Margie Lance, Carole Trippe, Jenny Freebery, David Sobers, Andy Goddard, Liz Peterson, Wendy Wander, Jon Hanley, Mark Carper, Zoe Brookbank, Liz Peterson, Marcus Goldman, Joe Maisano, Alberto Larotonda, Shaun Creasy


  • The town is looking for budget requests by March 11.
  • We are in a moment for invigorating the town with new council leadership.
  • An ordinance has been adopted and is out for comment to permit the planting of wild grasses. Going to planning committee on March 7.
  • Nothing to report on town recycling program yet.
  • Shore Soils Tour at 1:00 on February 10th (Ryan is coming to our booth in the morning, then we will go with him afterwards to see his operation in QA). 
  • To find Town Ordinances go to: TOWN OF CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND CODE OF ORDINANCES (amlegal.com)


  • Treasury report
  • Approve January minutes
  • Committee updates 
  • Composting visits
  • Earth Day, April 22, Planning meeting on Feb. 10
  • Solar, energy EV update- Jon
  • Other

2025 Budget Discussion

            Allocate $200 for plastics ban support

            Money for Food Fest, $500

            Recycling booth, $26/month plus new tent, $300

            Earth Day, $500,

            Newsletter, $285                    

Treasury Report: There were no changes to the report this month

Booth Recycling: Wendy Wander

Wendy reported we are now collecting hair stuff, e.g., curling irons, blow dryers, etc.

Composting Miscellaneous

No composting in Chestertown Now

WAC land or some indoor building might be options

Several potential problems exist

Maybe should discuss partnering with the county

Earth Day Festival: Jenny Freebery

  • Will take place on April 20th
  • There will be a planning meeting on feb. 10
  • Format same as last year
  • Ask Redners to give us 500 bags for giveaways
  • Need volunteers
  • Participants and Activities:
    • : EV’s, Capital Electric, Haron Point, Sunrise Solar, Children’s activity, recycling table, Shore Rivers, Sultana,
  • Working on a poster
  • Trash pickup
  • Lanyards

Topics for Discussion at March Town Council Meeting

Recycle booth

Recharging stations

Mosquito dunks

Sustainable, MD

Newsletter outreach

Earth Day,

Food Fest,


Meadow lawns,

Energy Report and Farmers Market Report: Jon Hanley

EV chargers;

  • 23 connections at 12 sites
  • 20% are out of service
  • searching for federal/state grant money to repair
  • evaluating third party owner/operator with ChargePoint vs incumbent EVI of Baltimore
  • new sites
    • two L2 chargers at S-G Hall CES – approved & in process
    • two L3 chargers at rail/trail crossing at High Street – (informal MOU between college & Town)
  • 132 EV’s in zip code 21620 & 21661 as of 12/2023
  • Tom Dietz owns the only operational L3 in town!

Farmers Market Booth;

  • monthly now 2nd Saturday of the month
  • discontinued collection of pens/markers
  • discontinued collection of shaving equipment
  • added collection of electric hair appliances
  • added wine corks via ReCork (not the plastic ones)
  • we still need volunteers going forward
  • 5 plastic caps benches currently in production

Morgnec Solar Project;

  • status? state – county – town – CEC
  • why hasn’t Urban Grid received a PSC permit complying with the MD DNR Pollinator Friendly Solar standard approved in 2017?
  • Bluegrass Solar did in QAC…


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